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Schoolhouse Review: Super Teacher Worksheets

I’ve been having fun printing worksheets for my two youngest from Super Teacher Worksheets. We were given an Individual Membership.
Super Teacher Worksheets Review
This website has tons of worksheets from math to science. I mean tons! I love that I have every kind of worksheet in one place! No more hunting down a  blank map of the United States for my kids to fill in the states. Need a math worksheet, done! Just hit print and bam, you got a worksheet ready to be completed.

What is Super Teacher Worksheets:

When you open a year membership account with Super Teacher Worksheets you have access to so many worksheets for only $19.99 a year. You can find worksheets for grades pre-k through 6th grade.
Science 2
You have access to hundreds of worksheets for:
  • Math: from addition to basic algebra
  • Reading Comprehension: grades 1-5, also in this category are worksheets to reinforce cause & effect, fact & opinion, editing and proofreading, graphic organizers, and so much more!
  • Phonics worksheets: you get phonics worksheets, mini books for the child to put together, building sentences worksheets which includes some cut and pasting, and sight word worksheets as well. There is a little bit of everything here to get your child learning to read and have fun too!
  • Handwriting worksheets in manuscript and cursive!
  • Spelling list for grades 1-5. These are a lot of fun! There are activities for the week like make your own spelling word search!
  • Grammar: these are a great supplement for grades 1-3 for most of the worksheets. There are some for 4th and 5th. I used some of the parts of speech pages with my 12yr. old as a refresher.
  • Science: worksheets for grades 1st-5th-many worksheets from the life cycle of insects to the solar system. There are hands on type worksheets like make a To the Moon Trivia Board Game to foldable games.
  • Social Studies: worksheets include blank maps, landforms, explorers, and a state sheet for every state!
  • You even get some puzzles and brain teaser worksheets!
And there is more, like teacher helps, seasonal worksheets, calendar printable, and even a worksheet generator!

Super Teacher Worksheets is always adding in new worksheets too! Super Teacher’s is great if you need to supplement your current homeschool program, summer school, fun worksheet Friday, or if you just need a break from the school books. There is something for everyone at Super Teacher Worksheets!
Super Teacher Worksheets
How we used Super Teacher Worksheets at Homeschooling6:
I was excited once my account was set up. It was a bit overwhelming with so many super worksheets at your fingertips. Eventually the overwhelming-ness turns to pure fun! Yup, I had fun hitting that print button.

Need a some logic worksheets, hit print, need to supplement your child’s math, print! Need some basic science sheets, print! Oh, how about some wrist bands to remind your child how super or awesome they are! Super Teacher Worksheets has those too!

As you can tell I had a lot of fun with this review. I put aside our regular school stuff for five weeks (with the exception of math) and only used Super Teacher Worksheets.

At first I was printing worksheets for 1 day only. I found if I forgot the evening before I wasn’t prepared the next day and it would throw my day off.

To remedy that I decided to print a week worth of Super Teacher Worksheets. This worked out really well.

What I did was go down the list of subjects. On the left side of the Super Teacher website all the subjects are listed. At the top is math so that’s were I started. 

I printed what I thought Ethan & Lance needed review on. With Lance that was a lot of double digit addition & subtraction. Ethan worked on his long divisions and fractions.

So basically I went through each subject and picked from it. For instance in grammar I had Ethan reviewing adjectives and Lance reviewing nouns.
Super Teacher Worksheets[5] (1)
By the time I was done going through the site I had a week of work for both boys. I 3-hole punched all the worksheets and put them in binders. It worked out really well because the kids knew exactly what to do each day.

One subject I focused on with Annette, Caleb, Ethan, and Lance was filling in the United States Map. I had the kids work on this 4 times a week. Each day they would fill in as many states as they new in one color, than use a color pencil to fill in the rest. This way they were able to see how they progressed!

Final thoughts: Super Teacher Worksheets would be a great addition to any homeschooler. It’s great having so many worksheets at your fingertips.

If you are looking for something to do over the summer while getting the next school books ready, Super Teacher Worksheets would be great for that, especially at only $19.99 a year!
Super Teacher Worksheets
My only complaint would be the answer keys are an exact replica of the worksheet with the answers. I love that many of the worksheets are colorful because it adds some pizzazz and fun to the worksheets but I’d much prefer to have the answer keys in black and white or only the answers.

To save my color ink I would print the student pages in color and then go back and print the answer key in black and white. The extra step of printing the answers in black and white doesn’t take a lot of time but it would be nice if I didn’t have to change anything.

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Super Teacher Worksheets Review
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  1. I have had a subscription to STW for two years now, and I love all of their worksheets! It's so easy to find what you're looking for.

  2. The wristbands you color, cut, and tape around the child's wrist.