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Schoolhouse Review: USAopoly

Not all reviews have to be a school subjects. Not this one anyway. We had so much fun reviewing Tapple:Fast Word Fun for Everyone and Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game by USAopoly!
USAopoly Review
What you get with Tapple (besides a fun time!):

A colorful Tapple Wheel which we call the Letter Wheel. The Tapple Wheel is missing the 6 least commonly used letters in the English language (Annette would disagree since she kept thinking of words with those letter, haha). The missing letters: Q U V X Y Z.36 cards with a total of 144 categories to choose from. The cards have their own compartment under the Tapple WheelAll you need to add is 4 AA batteries and your ready to have some fun!

How to play Tapple: Choose a category, start the timer that is build into the Tapple Wheel, think of a word that matches the category, say it or at house yell it, press down the letter, hit the timer to restart it for the next person, and pass the Tapple Wheel. You have only 10 seconds to think of a word.

If you didn’t think of a word you’re out. The last person standing wins the round and keeps the card. Continue to play until a player collects 3 card (or the amount of cards of your choosing).

The category cards gives two challenge options. The side that is blue/white has easier categories for younger student or frazzled moms :) and the red/yellow side is more challenging.

The game is recommended for ages 8 and up and 2-8 players.

The possibilities of categories are endless. Are you learning the name of all the states? You can choose that as your category then. What about your spelling list or the capitals, countries, etc. You can customize the game to fit your homeschool. How neat is that!

Tapple looks easier than it really is. Seriously. I thought, oh yeah, I’m gonna win, um, okay. The object of  this game is to think of a word in the category chosen that starts with the letters on Tapple in 10 seconds! Sound simple, right?

Well when your adrenaline is going and you have to think fast to beat the tick, tick, tick, of the ‘clock’ which is only 10 seconds, not so easy.

What’s great about the Tapple Wheel is if you have a pre-reader/writer you can pick a category, turn off the timer, and have the child think of a word that starts with the letter.

Do you need to liven up spelling time? Use it to spell words that the child missed from their dictation work. Of course if it contains one of the 6 missing letters than that won’t work. I’d have loved it if all the letters in the alphabet were included. Maybe USAapoly can make a homeschool version, hint, hint.

Our thoughts on Tapple and how we used it: to be honest I didn’t think my kiddos were going to like Tapple but they loved it! Caleb would ask to play everyday for weeks. My niece would come home from school and ask to play Tapple too!

TappleIt’s great because the game is fast paced and doesn’t take super long to play. We would take a break from school and play a few Tapple rounds. We didn’t always wait for a person to collect 3 cards. 

That’s the beauty of Tapple. Play one round to break up the school day or reward the kids after all school subjects are done and play until there’s a winner. What a fun reward!

How did Tapple get its name? Touch Activated Press and Play Letter Eliminator

The kids and I also had lots of fun with Wonky: The Crazy Cubes Card Game. With this game we received 9 wonky blocks, meaning they are not perfect cubes but have some pretty wonky corners and sides, 54 strategy cards and a storage bag.
Wonky the Crazy Cubes Card Game
Each player receives 7 cards. 

On your turn choose a card from your hand. Whichever card you chose you need to add the block that matches. If you have no playable cards you must draw from the deck and play the one drawn. If you succeed with adding the block that was indicated on your card then you are that much closer to winning. If you fail and the block come tumbling down then you must draw 3 more cards.

The first player that has no cards left wins.

Wonky the Crazy Cubes Card Game
We had so much fun playing Wonky. Like with Tapple the kids wanted to play over and over which was fine with me because I enjoyed spending time with the kids. I love seeing them laugh and laugh they did with both Tapple and Wonky.

Our thoughts: we love both games, they are fun, the kids love them, and we have spend hours laughing together using Tapple and Wonky!
Wonky the Crazy Cubes Card Game

 USAopoly Review
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  1. Tapple looks like a TON of fun! I am going to order it for our family! We love word games! Do you have a coupon code?

  2. The kids really love Tapple. Especially Caleb.


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