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The Thinking Tree (Dyslexia Games)

A fun and different way to homeschool using Do-it-Yourself Homeschool Journals. These journals are absolutely gorgeous!
Do it Yourself Homeschool Journals
Your child doesn’t have to be hyper-active, ADHD, or dyslexic to use these either! I have already mentioned that I do believe my boys have some form of dyslexia in a previous post and am praying that these books along with Series B (for Ethan & Lance) & Series C (Josh, Caleb, Brent) will benefit them.
There is even one for mom too! I love doodling so this is perfect. I can’t wait to start using it. I have been having a great time using Dyslexia Games Series C so I know I’ll enjoy the Homeschooling Handbook For Moms!
The Thinking Tree
Here is what I completed yesterday.
Dyslexia Games Series C
I had fun being creative. I still have a long way to go.
Dyslexia Games Series C Book 1
I’ve only been using Series C and some of Series B for a few weeks and already I’m seeing my creative side come out a bit.

So . . . this weekend I’m going to get the kiddos set up with using their journals. My plan is to use the journals 3 days a week having the children complete 10 pages a day as suggested.
The THinking Tree
During the 3 days we’ll cut back with using their regular schoolbooks.
This weekend or Monday we will take a trip to the library so the children can pick out 9 wonderful books which other than coloring pencils is all they need to get started using their Journals.
The Thinking Tree Delight Directed
Caleb & Brent (when Brent comes home from his CA trip) will use: Christian Family Homeschooling Curriculum Delight Directed Learning Guide. This includes Daily Bible reading, Unit Studies, Science, Reading, Spelling, History, Art, and Logic! Whew, that’s a lot. The book is over 300 pages!
The Thinking Tree Eclectic Journal
Ethan will use: Do-it-Yourself Homeschool Journal for Eclectic Learners. This too covers some spelling, nature studies, writing, logic, art, copywork, prayer list, etc.
Hyper Active Journal
Lance will use: The Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal for Kids with ADHD ages 9-14. I like this one because it has letter doodling in it. This will give Lance some practice with writing.

As you can see I'm super excited to get started with using The Thinking Tree journals in our homeschool.

Stay tuned, I'll definitely keep you all updated with how it's going!

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