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Wordless Wednesday (at the Tractor Co.)

Wordless Wednesday
Lance having fun trying on a jacket.

It was a bit too small (and expensive).

I did buy him the hat. It was on sale for $4!

I’m glad Annette took some pictures.

I Love his smile.
Wordless Wednesday at Life at Rossmont


  1. My kids love Tractor Supply! And Carhartt is absolutely worth the money. That's what I buy my kids because its practically indestructible. My husband also wears Carhartt and he is very hard on clothes!

  2. Thanks Megan, that's good to know. Hubby and I don't mind buying good-quality clothes. We figure might as well spend our $$$ on something that will last rather than buying cheap that won't last.

    We'll have to see if there is one that will fit Lance next time!

  3. What a fun photo series. And what a beautiful smile. Thanks for linking up.


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