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College Prep Genius a Homeschooling6 Review

My daughter Annette was on pins and needles waiting for her College Prep Genius package. A few weeks before she was drooling over the books (yes, my daughter gets excited about stuff like this) so imagine her excitement when I told her we were given the opportunity to review the Comprehensive SAT Prep Collection – Sat Course which includes the Vocab Café Series!!! To say she was super excited is an understatement.
College Prep Genius a Homeschooling6 Review
Jean Burk has put together an amazing program to help our kids understand how to prepare and take the SAT. College Prep Genius is a complete SAT, PSAT/NMSQT prep program.

What your child(ren) will learn is test-taking techniques, how to find the reoccurring patterns in the SAT, writing a quality essay in 15 minutes, how to answer math in a timely manner, memorize acronyms as a memory aid for the material taught in the text, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Throughout the College Prep Genius course your child will learn to find and circle key words, cross out out and eliminate wrong answers, time management – how to make the most of their time, how to recognize ‘traps’, and how to answer questions quickly & accurately.

College Prep Genius is broken into 12 lesson
College Prep Genius
In this set you will receive:

4 DVD set include the 12 lessons that coordinate with the workbook. The DVDs also reference where information can be found in the College Prep Genius Textbook. After each lesson there is a corresponding homework.

Jean gives examples of problems and explains them step-by-step, perfect for visual learners. The DVDs covers much of the material from the text which is great for auditory learners.

The DVDs are taught by the author Jean Burk, so it’s like having her as your child’s personal college prep coach! She walks the student through the course - having them pause to answer questions in the workbook.

The Textbook covers everything that’s in the dvd and more. The textbook gives more detail with the test strategies it includes:

Part I: Introduction to the SAT
Part II: The Critical Reading Section
Part III: The Math Section
Part IV: The Writing Section
Part V: Scholarship Search
Part VI: Journal for Test Success
Appendix A: Prefixes
Appendix B: Math Terms
Appendix C: My Motivation Test 

The Textbook also has plenty of space for your child to write notes, circle, highlight, and really make their own. I know many times we want to reuse the same textbook with another child but I’d encourage you to let your child mark it up if it helps the child to retain and it’s a great way for them to quickly find information.

The Workbook corresponds with the textbook & DVDs. It’s consumable so you will need to purchase one for each child.

High School Prep Genius is also included in this package. I was blessed to have reviewed this a few years ago. You can read an in depth review HERE.
College Prep Genius
VocabCafé books help students easily learn SAT-level words while reading an original wholesome story.

I love that the books are clean reads meaning there isn’t foul language, sorcery, or sexual themes. Each book introduces 300 advanced words using a three-step approach: Definition, repetition, and reinforcement.

The 300 words are in bold font. The definition of the words are at the bottom of the page. I thought this was a great way to learn new words. What better way then to learn them while reading a good book.
Vocab Café is a set of 6 books:
  • Summer of Saint Nick
  • IM for Murder
  • Operation High school
  • Planet Exile
  • Highway to Hollywood
  • The Wandering Watkins
I read three of the books and enjoyed them all. The first book I read was Planet Exile. This book started off a bit slow but by the 3rd chapter I couldn’t wait to see what happened.

The Wandering Watkins and Summer of Saint Nick caught my interest from the start. I love how the characters learn life lessons.

The Summer of Saint Nick is a great book. The main character has a huge heart for others (even when the person is really mean towards him). This is a good read for teenagers (and adults!) a great reminder that sometime we need put our feeling aside to do the right thing. 

Annette has read Operation High School and IM Murder. The next book she wants to read is Summer of Saint Nick. She’s taking her time because of the Vocabulary words. She want to memorize some before moving on to another book.

She made vocabulary cards using the words from the Vocab Café books. She’ll get some of her brothers to play a game of memory. They have to match the word with the definition.
College Prep Genius
Using College Prep Genius at Homeschooling6: Like I mentioned, Annette was really excited to help me review this program.

Once we found out that we were going to review College Prep Genius we purchased the recommended SAT book: The Official SAT Study Guide. College Prep Genius suggest taking a SAT test at home so you have something to gauge your progress with.

When our box full of goodies arrived she was ready to go. We watched the first few lessons together but now Annette is doing most of the lessons independently.

She is working a bit slower than intended, taking about a week and a half to complete one lesson. She did get a little stressed with a few of the assignments. Mainly the vocabulary words. She felt like she had to memorize everything before moving on. She was also feeling really burned out and overwhelmed with all the high school stuff and her extra curricular activities she had going on. 

I told her it’s okay to move on without having memorized all the acronyms and vocabulary words because she will repeat the course. This took a huge weight off her shoulders.

She spends about two hours a week (or more) studying for the SAT. This includes watching the DVD, completing her assignment, studying vocabulary words, and memorizing acronyms, etc.
College Prep Genius a Homeschooling6 Review
Final thoughts: I am so thankful we were blessed to review College Prep Genius. Annette is learning tons of strategies to help her feel confident with taking the SAT next year.

She really likes the program and plans to complete it yearly. I also have plans to have Caleb start the program in January.

I would say we are very happy with College Prep Genius and I’d definitely recommend this to friends and family. It really is a neat course and Annette loves all that she is learning from it!


  1. Thank you for the awesome review-I really appreciate it!-Jean Burk

  2. Thank you Jean!!! Annette is truly loving your course. I can't wait to get Caleb started.


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