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Crew Review: Brookdale House

The Grammar Workbook by Brookdale House took the best of the best and combined them into one easy to use, teacher and student friendly course.

Our family received a pdf version of The Grammar Workbook Set which includes the Grammar Workbook and Grammar Workbook Answer Key.
Brookdale House a Homeschooling6 Review
The Grammar Workbook is a combination of the works of Practical Lessons in English Grammar & Composition by Henry P. Emerson, grammar exercises from Aldine’s Language Book series, and dictation passages from Language Lessons by Manly and Baily. Kimberly Garcia the author of Grammar Workbook did a wonderful job of combing the works of these books into one program.
This is a grammar and composition course for those who are ready for a more advanced grammar learning. If you have a younger student you might want to take a peek at Brookdale House’s Primary Language Lessons.

Grammar Workbook Set covers:

Parts of Speech
Phrases and Clauses
Verb Tense
Sentence Writing
Paragraph Writing
Style Imitation

There is also optional diagraming lessons. To include the diagraming lessons you will need to purchase the recommended book Diagraming Sentences.

The program is divided into four sections:

Section 1 covers sentences
Section 2 covers the 8 parts of speech
Section 3 teaches clauses & phrases
Section 4 punctuation

Each section also includes writing exercises. The Grammar Workbook course covers two types of writing exercises. The first has the student compose various  types of sentences and paragraphs (also known as ‘traditional’ writing).

The second writing exercise is imitating the style of an author. The child does this through copywork, dictation, by having the student recreate the selection from an outline, and lastly modify the style from the original piece.
Brookdale House
With the second writing exercises the child can choose which to do when a writing lesson is assigned:

Option 1: The child can copy the model.
Option 2: Have the student write from dictation.
Option 3: The student can recreate the model from memory or an outline.
Option 4: Have your child rewrite the passage but maintain the style of the writer.

I like that the program allows variety of the writing assignments by allowing the child to choose and pick how he’d like to complete the writing it.  

I love that the program comes with a schedule that you can choose to follow. The schedule is optional but you know me, I love having things organized and scheduled for me. It just makes things so much easier!
Using the Grammar Workbook Set at Homeschooling6! I used this with 9th grade son as a refresher course and Ethan my 7th grade son.

At first I planned to sit with them and go over the grammar pages together but because this was a refresher for Caleb and the program explained the material well, I had them work independently.

With the writing I had Caleb choose which option and he did well independently. Although he’d choose Option 1 (copywork) only if I let him. At times I would select which option he had to do. I personally liked Option 3.

With Ethan I helped more unless it was the copywork option.

We also purchased the recommended diagraming book: Diagramming Sentences. I like that the program gives an option to teach diagraming.

Final thoughts about Grammar Workbook:
There wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about the program. The writing options are great and the program even provides a sample outline!
Brookdale House
What a bargain too when purchasing the Ebook. For only $29.90 you have a Middle School Grammar program that all your children can use.

The course can also be used for an older student who needs a refresher course as well!
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 Brookdale House Review
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