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Ethan’s Space

Every so often I take a picture of the kids' desk space because it’s a look into their world. What’s important to them, their interest, and it’s just plain fun to remember week, months, or years later.

Today I bring you Ethan’s brand new space. His desk.
Dyslexia Games
This is how I found his desk, no staging. He did move so I could get a better shot. He was working on completing his 3 Dyslexia Games pages. He has his Thinking Tree Journal and his Bible so he was copying a verse into his New Day page.

Later I found it like this.
This time he staged it some, can you tell? Look how neatly the books are placed. He knew I was coming to check on him and knows his mama carries a camera at all time, haha! The life of a blogging mama!

He made his own lunch.

He added more of his favorite things. Don’t all kiddos have bullets on their desk that they collected at the shooting range (wink)?
Star Wars, cars, and LEGO pieces.
The Thinking Tree
And of course his favorite school books!

And that my friends is a peek into Ethan’s world.


  1. Yep, bullets and legos...sounds like my Eli! Everyone needs Legos nearby when they are doing school... don't ya know?!

  2. Exactly, another reason why we love homeschooling :)


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