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Flat Danny

One of my nephews wrote Caleb a letter with a Flat Danny in it. At school they are reading about Flat Stanley and part of their project is to send their version out to someone. How sweet, Danny chose to send his to Caleb (they’re buddies).

Flat Danny has had fun homeschooling with us!

He’s a pretty smart little guy. He did a few lessons of U.S. History Detective, some logic using Practical Critical Thinking, learned some new vocabulary words reading Planet Exile, and loved using the Delight Directed Learning Guide from The Thinking Tree!

He played with the kids on the make-shift-water slide except we didn’t use water. Flat Danny doesn’t like getting we Winking smile

He climbed my favorite flowers that pop up in the back yard every spring but this year they arrived early.


I think God knew I needed to see them sooner.


I seriously need to dig up the bulbs and plant some in a pot. This way when we move I can take them with me.


Flat Danny really loved to swing on the rope that hangs from the tree.


The kids love swinging from the rope. They also climb it too. Great for P.E.


And of course Flat Danny had to climb the tree. All my boys love climbing this tree.


Here Flat Danny is climbing the fence.


Caleb thought Flat Danny might like to read Flat Stanley.

Caleb took Flat Danny to the library but forgot the camera. We decided to take a picture of him in front or our little library.

Caleb is going to miss his little buddy. Flat Danny will be going home this week. Maybe we’ll take him to Wendy’s or something before he leaves.


  1. Flat Danny looks like he's having a lot of fun :)

  2. Remember when y'all did the Flat Stanley thing. I think you made a template.


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