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Homeschooling At Our House

What did we accomplish today at Homeschooling6?
Grapevine Studies
The boys and I did another lesson from Grapevine Studies.
Grapevine Studies
Lance prefers to use markers and I love how he adds his own touch to the drawings.
Grapevine Studies
Ethan too adds his own touch. Right now he’s really into adding detail to trees. In his Do-it-Yourself Journals almost all the nature pages are of a tree.
Grapevine Studies
Lance remembered a book that related to our Bible study.

Look at the pretty cover! I love this book.

It as brightly colored pictures.

Today with Brent, Ethan, and Lance was our first day using See to Spell.
See to Spell
Last week I had them take an assessment test so each child is working on different words. Except for the word ‘again’ all three if them (and Caleb too) misspelled it.

Ethan and Lance are working their way through 10 journal pages. I was so proud of Ethan for coloring one of the pages.
The Thinking Tree
My boys are having trouble finding and connecting with nature. They see a tree, grass, and dirt, so that’s all they’ve been drawing. I do love how they add branches, leaves, and such but I’d like to see more.
The Thinking Tree
I encouraged the boys to find nature in their books and draw that. When Ethan showed me his nature page today I was all smiles.

And I received some new journals to share with y’all. I can’t wait to get started using them with the boys. Ethan already snagged two of the.
The Thinking Tree
Right now they are finishing up the ones they started. I still need to get Lance started on the 100 Easy Bible Verses journal too.

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