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Homeschooling Handbook For Mom a Thinking Tree Review

I’ve been having much fun with my Homeschooling Handbook For Mom created by a talented homeschooling mama Sarah Brown from The Thinking Tree.
As much as I love homeschooling my 6 beautiful blessings things can get a little hairy. With kids flying around, mama trying to keep order, and, well, sometimes I need to reboot my brain and just have a mama moment. Give me 5-10 minutes to get my happy face back in the game!

Sarah has created a wonderful journal just for moms. So what exactly is a Homeschooling Handbook For Moms? It’s a journal that can be used as a study guide, daily devotional, and a planner.

Sarah created the mommy journal as an extension of her student journals.
Amazing Homeschooling Journals 1
It’s the same concept. Grab a stack of books that you want to study and use your Homeschooling Mom Journal right along with your kiddos. Of course you won’t be completing 10 pages, just a couple of pages a day.

This is not your average journal where you’d open and use a pen to write what you need to get done. Nope, grab your colored pencils, markers, crayons, and yes, your favorite pen because this mommy workbook is so much more. It’s a book to doodle, color, and de-stress with and when you’re all done with it you’ll have a beautiful keepsake!

Let me share some of the pages included in the 180 page Homeschooling Handbook for Moms: How to Teach by Example.

This book allows you to get creative. After writing your to-do list you can doodle, color, and decorate it too. In fact there is a Mom’s Illustrated To-Do List.
The Thinking Tree
What I do is write The Week of (add the date). I then add what I want to accomplish that week. When I have time I go back and color it to make it look pretty.

Plans & Perspective page
The Thinking Tree
This is where you can write your priorities, long term goals, what your are thankful for, and a checklist.
The Thinking Tree
The Reading Time page I must admit is the hardest for me to do because finding the time to read is really, really hard.

Because I tend to skip these pages I put: Complete my Reading Time on my Illustrated To-Do List.
Dyslexia Games
I’m reading and studying Jonah right now. I put the two main characters and a little bit about what I read in chapter 1. Next I need to read The Power of a Positive Mom (um, where did that book go?) and add something to another square. My goal is one square a day.
Dyslexia Games
Wahoo! Mom gets some Screen Time. Usually I use this page with my kids but one day I wanted to have my own Screen Time so I watched a Bible Study called Verbs of God How God Moves on Our Behalf. The first lesson was on The Great “I Am” by Margaret Feinberg.
Dyslexia Games
A New Day! is one of my favorite pages. This is where you can write a verse, song, or prayer. On the bottom of the page there’s a space to write What Matters Most and Prayer List.

I’m embarrassed to show this page because I sure did need an Attitude Improvement Time.
Homeschooling Handbook For Moms
This is what I love about Sarah’s journals though. The questions and Attitude Improvement Time pages get you thinking about what is really important. In the light of eternity, my children are important. My top priorities right now are teaching my children not only math, spelling, and writing but to have a relationship with the Lord.

My Homeschooling Handbook for Moms pulls me back to think about these things because I’m not just adding what needs to get done that day I’m answering what is top priority in my life. Yes the dishes need to be done, the clothes need cleaning, and dinner needs to be served but my relationship with Jesus, my husband, and the kids are my true priorities.
Homeschooling Handbook For Moms
Also included in the Handbook For Moms is . . .

Journaling Pages: write what’s on your mind, a favorite verse, song, etc.
Homeschooling Handbook For Moms
Special Memories: you can illustrate or write your memories
Draw a Meal Plan: You get to draw what you’ll be eating for lunch
Ideas for Fun & Learning Together: here you can doodle, draw, or write what you want to accomplish with your family or friends.
 Homeschooling Handbook For Moms

Menu Planning: here you are encouraged to open an old-fashioned cookbook
Recipe page: add a new recipe or an old favorite!

Mommy Math Time: a place to show your kiddos how to work out a math problem or get creative yourself!

Listening Time: listen to an audio book, classical music, or have someone read to you. Write down what your are listening too and the next page is all yours. Doodle, color, create because you got a whole blank page that is all yours!

World News Today: a place for you to record a current event. Talk to your kids about it. The top page has a map, you can color in the countries that you talked about. Below is a space for you to add people and communities that need prayer.
Homeschooling Handbook For Moms
I must admit that my most favorite part of this journal was the coloring pages. I could sit and color for hours. There were many nights upon receiving my mommy journal that my husband would come home and find me coloring a page from my book.
Homeschooling Handbook For Moms
Homeschooling Handbook For Moms
Homeschooling Handbook For Moms
I have been having so much fun with using the Homeschooling Handbook For Mom: How to Teach by Example.

It so much more than a journal. At the end of a busy, hectic, good, accomplished, and crazy day, I sit with my journal and color, doodle, reflect, and thank the Lord for another day I got to spend with my 6 Hearts because before you know it, they’ll be all grown and gone.

EDITED: to see more pictures of my Mommy Journal click HERE, thank you!


  1. I bought myself a coloring book here to encourage "slowing" down. This looks so fun to write and color.

  2. I've seen some of the coloring books too. I haven't purchased one but have been tempted. I really like the mommy journal. It's a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I hope to write a post comparing the mom journals soon.


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