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Homeschooling Monday

Now that Brent has unpacked he’s ready to start school, yay! I showed him his Do-it-Yourself Homeschool Journal (aff ) and told him he needed to complete 10 pages and 3 pages of Dyslexia Games. To see more journals click HERE.
Here he is with Caleb. We recently moved a desk into the living room. It seems we are always trying to squeeze more space in around here.

Then I realized all the clutter in the background. That’s where the boys hang their Sunday best!
We opened the door to let in more light.

Here is Lance working on his journal.
The Hyper-Active Journal
This table was Ethan’s desk. We moved it to the other side of the living room and now Lance has a desk too.
The Hyper-Active Journal
After completing a few pages in their Homeschool Journal I had them meet me in the kitchen for Bible time.
Grapevine Studies
We are reviewing Grapevine Studies.
Grapevine Studies
Ethan’s drawing. I like how he added his own detail to the tree and the black line through the ‘not’ sign.

I need to get a yellow dry erase marker.

Joshua practicing his AWANA verses. One of the teachers suggested writing the first letter of each word and memorize that. Annette has been trying this for a few weeks and says it works!

Lance painting an airplane he made. His Grandma sent it home with Josh & Brent.

Brent really liked using Dyslexia Games. He even came up to me to show his work. I love that! Of course I praised him for doing a great job.
Bible Math from The Thinking Tree
Bet you can’t tell which one is the original!
Bible Math from The Thinking Tree
The one on the right. When I completed this page, well let’s just say it didn’t look as good as Brent’s.
Dyslexia Games
Brent completing a page from Series C Book 1.

Lance taking another LEGO break. He wrote the word LEGO. What a talented guy!

Caleb desk hopping. The plant, Lupe brought home from work. The water was green, the poor plant had algae and mold on it. I snipped the yucky pieces off, cleaned the vase, and added fresh clean water. Brent said he’d take it.
 The Thinking Tree
Caleb completing another page from his journal. Notice he’s at a different desk. This is Brent’s new area. Josh moved their room around. Saturday we purchased some tables from Costco.

Saturday my Sweets put in a new air conditioner/heater. I love it. The other one was old, ugly, and just ugly. It would freeze up on us too! I really, really, really, disliked it. It leaked as well. You can probably see where in the picture.

Joshua getting back to school as well. While in CA they did school too. Both boys would go with Grandpa to church and study. Grandpa studying for Sunday service and the boys would pull out their books.

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