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Homeschooling Thursday

These pages are from Brent’s journal.
These pages are from the The Eclectic Do-it-Yourself Homeschooling Journal (the one with the space cover).
All my boys think about it army and war. Ack, where’s the peaceful scenes.
The Thinking Tree
I think the verse is from his AWANA verse.
The Thinking Tree
Art & Logic page. I love these kind of pages. I’d love a whole journal of just these types of pages!
The Thinking Tree
Look who I found reading a book!
The Thinking Tree
When I saw him there I had him read out loud to me while I made lunch.
The Thinking Tree
When he’s done reading he will draw a picture in one of the Reading Time boxes.
I am so impressed with his penmanship. He was going to write his words with marker but I told him he needs to use either a pen or pencil.
The Thinking Tree
I’m just so impressed with the way he formed the letters. This is one of his neatest pages yet.
The Thinking Tree
Here’s a picture from yesterday (10/28/15). I pointed out to Lance that the words trailers, tours, wheelers, etc. should not have capital letters in the middle of the words.
The Thinking Tree
I did praise him for his neat penmanship and told him I was really impressed with the way he formed the letters in feeling. I encouraged him to write words like that (not using capitals unless it’s a proper noun or the beginning of a sentence).
The Thinking Tree
This page is from day two of using The Thinking Tree journals and I believe a little over a week with using Dyslexia Games. He’s improved a lot.
Dyslexia Games Improvement

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