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Homeschooling Totally Different This Year

This year as you may all know, I have fallen in love with The Thinking Tree Journals and Dyslexia Games.

Brent 8th, Ethan 7th, and Lance 5th will use the journals this year. All a little differently and I’ll blog our Thinking Tree journey :)
Homeschooling The Thinking Tree Way
As the year progresses and we use different journals the way we use them will change.

Currently all three kiddos are completing 10 pages a day (4 hours of work) but many of the newer journals (60 Day Journals) suggest 5-6 pages (2 hours of work), meaning I’ll start adding some of the school books that I purchased this year.

I’ll switch things up! My gears are still turning and I’m trying to figure out how to fit more structure in our “fun-schooling” days and keep it delight-directed too! 
I can’t wait for Lance to get started with this book! (it’s not in the picture above)
And for Brent I still need to purchase one of the journals that Sarah recently made for 6th-8th grades. These books have copywork provided for the child and pages for them to choose their own copywork.
There’s also research pages and lots of fun pages that are not in the younger journals. I can’t wait to have Brent and soon Ethan use them.

I might mix and match our journals too! Meaning with Ethan, he will work in his Fun-Schooling journal a few days a week and use another journal for 3 days a week!

So stay tuned to see how we homeschool The Thinking Tree Way which should be interesting considering how I’m a school-at-home type of homeschooler.

I’m really excited to have some Delight-Directed Homeschooling going on here at Homeschooling6!


  1. These look great! I am also excited to start using our journals! PS - I gave you a shout-out on my blog today!

  2. Thank you Megan. I'm so thrilled y'all had a great Thinking Tree week!

  3. There are so many different kinds of journals in this series. Thank you for sharing about them.

  4. You're welcome. It's a new way of schooling for me. You know me, textbookish type homeschooling mom :) I'm enjoying the change, and later I'll figure out how to add our Master Books curricula in.


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