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Homeschooling6 Review: Common English Bible

My son Ethan has a new Bible, The CEB Student Bible. He’s been taking it to church on Sunday and using it to study his AWANA verses and complete his sections. And a quote from him, “I like this Bible, mom.” 
Common English Bible Review by Homeschooling6
CEB stand for “Common English Bible” which was first published in 2011. The Common English Bible was built by a combining effort of 120 Bible translators, 24 denominations, and 500 Bible readers from hundreds of different churches.

Dr. Corrie, who serves as Associate Professor in the Practice of Youth Education and Peacebuilding & Director of the Youth Theological Initiative at Candler School of Theology, worked with biblical scholars,youth ministers from multiple denominations and teens that have participated in the Youth Theological Initiative at Emory University in Atlanta of create a Bible that helps students thinking with and live through Scripture.

Before digging into a book your child can read an overview, each book begins this way along with Key Themes pertaining to the book and Tips for Reading.
The CEB Student Bible
Look how helpful the Key Themes are! The one in Genesis is 4 pages of helpful key themes and tips for reading.
The CEB Student Bible
This is great not only for my teenagers but me as well. I’m a visual person and so are many of my kiddos which means we really, really, appreciate when there are diagrams to help keep things in order for us.

There are also Quick Facts for each book.
The CEB Student Bible
And again, what makes the CEB Bible unique is throughout the Bible there are textboxes. Some of these are written by scholars- pastors, seminary professors, and students.
The CEB Student Bible
And some by young people who are not experts but faithful teens who took the time to dig deeper into God’s Word asking the Creator what does it all means. What is God trying to tell them? Young people like Ethan and his siblings.
The CEB Student Bible
I have never seen a Bible that includes prayers and reflections written by students.
The CEB Student Bible
I think that’s just wonderful for Ethan to see prayers (and other things like the textboxes and such) written by young people his age.

At the end of each book is a Wrestling with (Book Name).
The CEB Student Bible
Wrestling with pages help the child to make connections with the world of the Bible and their own.

And below are Reading Differently, again, having the kids connect with the Bible but in this case having the child act it out which makes using the CEB Bible great for youth groups & co-op Bible studies.
The CEB Student Bible
And for Parents to sit and read the Overview, Key Themes, Wrestling With, and Reading Differently with your kiddos.

To help your child understand the places he’ll visit while reading through the CEB Bible is maps! 16 beautiful pages of maps (yes, I love maps!) by National Geographics too!
The CEB Student Bible
I think this is a great Bible to have Ethan study with. It easy to understand because it uses words that sound natural and conversational but yet with accuracy in the delivering of the ancient text and clarity of expression in the target language.

I also love that my children are blessed to have many different versions of the Bible to read. I think it’s important to read the same passage in different translations. This is what I do to help with the understanding along with other Bible resources.

As mentioned I used this with Ethan. He was excited to receive a new Bible. He has been using it daily to help with his AWANA sections and takes it to church on Sunday.
The CEB Student Bible a Review by Homeschooling6
So when Ethan says those simple words, “I like this Bible mom”, it really means that he does like it a lot. My Ethan is a pretty mellow so you won’t hear, “Wow, mom, I LOVE this Bible, thanks for giving it to me!!!”, no, I like this Bible is how he says that Winking smile!


  1. Wow, that is a VERY visual Bible! I would love that! I like to see diagrams and charts, and if there are none, I make my own! It helps so much to see who is related to who, especially when reading the OT! Love this.

  2. It really is a neat Bible. You can see samples at CBD too.


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