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It’s Monday!!!

Here I am with one of my favorite mugs. My sister-in-law gave it to me. It was her yard-sale left-over but hey, I’m happy. It doesn’t matter to me that she couldn’t sell it and therefore gave it to me. I like it. It’s pink and says “YUM”, I’m not picky!
Homeschooling6 Mom ;)
And that’s me in all my Monday glory, haha, I look like I just woke up, not, that’s after teaching two little rascals! Not that Ethan & Lance are that little but they sure act it at times.

Today Ethan found a corner to study. He told me today he that he would like his own study space.
Homeschooling using The Thinking Tree
So we cleared off one of the coffee tables, moved some boxes, and now he has a place to do his schoolwork. He’s right next to the front door so tonight I’ll move the boxes that are under the table and against the wall. I’ll put the chair where the boxes were.

Today is his second week using one of the journals from The Thinking Tree. Speaking of The Thinking Tree, look what I found at Amazon! There’s actually more than two!
New The Thinking Tree
Two new Library Based Curriculum Journals!!! Of course I had to make a graphic to show them off! I just thought they look absolutely beautiful.
Homeschooling using The Thinking Tree
Lance found a spot in the living room too. He’s completing the Spelling Time page.
Homeschooling using The Thinking Tree
His books for this week. I added in Old Yeller, The Trail of Tears, and The Secret Pet. I’m praying his reading will improve as he works his way through the Dyslexia Games Series.

A page from his journal. He was listening to an audio book from the library: Humphrey
The Hyper-Active Homeschooling Journal
Today we started our Grapevine Studies. I had the boys complete the Old Testament timeline.
Grapevine Studies
This is Lance’s work.
Grapevine Studies
And Ethan’s.
Grapevine Studies
Right now he’s into drawing trees with branches.
Grapevine Studies
The boys completed math too! Both are using Teaching Textbooks.


  1. Every time I see those journals, I want them!!!!

  2. I would have loved to have used these with Josh my oldest. I think he really would have benefited from them. I'm just thankful my younger boys are able to use the journals.

    The author Sarah, has some really nice girl ones! An author fun fact: she has 8 girls!

    1. I am drooling over them right now, but at $35 each, and 3 kids that would use them, I just can't justify it right now! Maybe after the first of the year. I've bought way too much curriculum this year!!

  3. I've done the same thing many times! I still have too much curriculum ;)

  4. Cute coffee mug! It looks nice and large and would be so "YUM" topped with some heavy whipped cream.

    I can't wait to keep reading about your journal schooling :)

  5. Awe, thanks! I'm loving the journals. Wish they were around when my kids were younger. Joshua would have thrived with them I'm sure of it.

    The Thinking Tree has some cute ones for beginners. They are really cute (review coming soon).



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