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Our Week

Look what we learned about this week using Grapevine Studies!
Grapevine Studies
Adam and Eve are suppose to look sad but Eve looks mad instead. I still don’t have a yellow dry erase marker.
Grapevine Studies
Ethan and I thought Adam and Eve’s clothes look more like a sheep-wear, haha!

Oh-no, my kids are being taken over with DS games, ack!

Even my eldest son. They’ve been DS-ified (my own word).
The boys saved up for those and bought them on Ebay.

Please excuse our background. Yes, I need to organize again!!! But this guy had a birthday. Brent turned 14!!!! His Auntie V. took him to Nothing Bundt Cake.
Operation High School
Annette has some of the kids playing the matching game with words from Operation High School available from College Prep Genius. She made flashcard via Quizlet.
Operation High School
And Ethan completing his (Aff) Do-It-Yourself Homeschooling Journal.
The Thinking Tree
Annette’s reads.

And guess what? We have an adorable visitor today (Saturday).

I feel like a grandma. He’s always so excited to come over and play. He loves balloons and blueberries.
Another picture of Ethan. His desk is in the living room so it’s easy to take photos of him.
The Thinking Tree
Someone needed a nap. He woke up too early and the grouchies come along with waking early.

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