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Outside School

Yesterday was so pretty. It wasn’t hot or cold. It was just right so Lance decided to take his Hyper-Active Homeschooling Journal outside to draw the neighborhood.
The Thinking Tree Hyper Active Journal
This slide is a leftover from the church. The church use to have a playground but with all the renovations going on it had to go. It’s old and and a new one is needed. Our family helps by hauling away all the trash and such from the reno.
This slide was part of our haul, haha. The kids love it. Lupe parked it here and the kids have been having so much fun with it. Ethan, Lance, and their three cousins who live behind us.
They even made it into a waterslide.
Lance above, he just had so much fun. I’m sad that we’ll need to take it down. I’m sure the city is not going to like that we have a slide in our front yard.
And Ethan.
I’ll have to share the rest of the pictures later. They are hilarious!
Here is Lance coloring and tracing letters.
The Homeschool Hyper Active Journal
The Homeschooling Hyper Active Journal
A few more pages of his work.
The Homeschooling Hyper Active Journal
This is what Lance was drawing while sitting on the slide. He observed that streets make crosses. The boxes with an x in it are houses.
The Thinking Tree
I need to sit down and ask Lance what this page is all about. It looks like people are running from a rock monster.
The Thinking Tree
This is what Lance drew while listening to an audio book.
Ethan using the Eclectic Journal. I love that this one has pages for creative writing. There is a picture and the child has to write about it. This is why I chose it for Ethan.
The Thinking Tree
The Hyper-Active Journal doesn’t have a creative writing page (it does have a page for copywork though), because of his writing issues this journal is perfect for Lance.
The Thinking Tree
In the picture above Ethan had to write about the fox and the lamb. Unfortunately in Ethan’s writing the fox ate his playmate the lamb. Not sure what that’s all about. Both animals look so peaceful in the book. I guess that’s boys for you!
The Homeschooling Eclectic Journal
The boys also completed another Grapevine Studies page.
Grapevine Studies
I need to get some dry erasers. I don’t have all the colors. I’m missing purple, yellow, orange, and even black so I ordered some from Amazon.
The kiddos also completed 3 pages of Dyslexia Games. They are both completing book 2 from Series C.
Caleb uses his Journal twice a week. Usually Monday and Tuesday.
Christian Family Homeschooling Journal
He’s using the Christian Family Homeschooling Curriculum Journal.
Christian Family Homeschooling Journal
Along with completing 10 pages of his journal he also does Latin & Math.


  1. I love the variety in these journals....even nature :)

  2. Me too! Caleb wishes he was using them full time. If only I can figure out how to add them to his high school year permanently! That would be great.


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