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Review: The Eclectic Homeschooler’s Planbook

Ethan and Lance are half way through their Journals already. This is our 4th week using them. We are looking forward to the next one.

Yesterday we received a box of goodies to add to our homeschool. I’ll share more about each one soon.
The THinking Tree Journals
We just think each one absolutely gorgeous! Ethan has already snagged the Homeschooling Boys Library Based Curriculum for Boys!
Library Based Curriculum Journal
Lance liked that one too but he might use Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Journal.
Do-it-Yourself Journal
Ethan noticed that there was a Planbook in the box!
Library Based Journal from The Thinking Tree
The Eclectic Homeschooler’s Handbook: Planner and Organizer A 180 Day Plan is also a notebook, coloring book, and doodle book.

There is lots of space for Ethan to write and this would be great for Lance too who still writes kind of big.
Planbook by The Thinking Tree
There are 5 plan pages in a row the 6th page is the Plans & Perspective page followed by a Remember page.Planbook by The Thinking Tree
And to end the week there is a blank doodle page. This would be great for younger kids (and older) to draw or doodle what they did that week.

I love how this plan book has space for Ethan to write priorities, long term goals, I am thankful for, and a checklist.

And the coloring pages are beautiful.
Planbook by The Thinking Tree
My Mother-in-law would love this page. Maybe we’ll send it to her once Ethan colors it.

Oooh, I know this is Ethan’s Planbook but I might just help him color this page.
Planbook by The Thinking Tree
Yes, I’m already picking out colors for the teacups & mugs.

Something I plan to do with his Planbook is write little notes to Ethan. Sometimes it will be a verse, quote, or just some encouraging words from me like, “Love you” or “Love your smile”, things like that.
The Thinking Tree Journal 322 Pages of Fun
There is also a girly planbook with pretty flowers.
Girls Planbook
So if you are looking for a fun planner for your child you might want to consider taking a look at The Thinking Tree Planbook (and neat journals too).

Click HERE to see more pictures of us using the Planbook.


  1. Love these journals! Every time you post about them, I feel like I neeeeed them, lol!

  2. They are so gorgeous! I love the fact that all you need is a stack of books. They are so flexible. You can make it as delight-directed to more structured as you like.

    Right now we are enjoying the change from a more structured way of schooling to relaxing a bit but still getting school done. It's been nice.

  3. I would love to be able to abandon everything except math and just use these journals! I keep thinking and thinking about how we could do this. I love the idea of delight-directed learning, and this would give the perfect direction for the kids!!

  4. I know, and the journals give a sense of structure for mom because it is more relaxed and delight-directed but still gives that direction with having the children complete the journal pages.

    With Lance we are going to just have some fun-schooling with these journals. :)

  5. I love what I see. I'm new to these books, and simply falling in love with them before even having them in my hands. Am ordering our first books soon!