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Schoolhouse Review: Koru Naturals

Most of my reviews lean toward homeschooling products, not this one! My family and I were so blessed to be a part of reviewing Koru Naturals. We received a good sized amount of Skin Clear Cream, a pretty big sized soap: Manuka Honey Propolis Soap! Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil Facial Cleanser, and Manuka Honey, Tamarind and Manuka Oil Facial Toner.
Koru Naturals Review
If you visit my blog regularly then you probably know I like using natural products here at Homeschooling6. When Koru Naturals came up for review I jumped at the chance to try some of their products out. Especially with ingredients like Manuka Honey. I’ve read great things about Manuka Honey and how wonderful it is to eat and use on your skin.

The first product I tried was the Honey Propolis soap. This is a 4.93oz round soap with a cute bee impression on it. Love bees so I thought that was just a wonderful and pretty way to show their soap.

So as soon as my package arrived I of course took lots of photos because they are just gorgeous and all. Here I am super happy to have received my Koru Naturals items.
Read my Review on Koru Naturals Products
Give a girl some facial product and she's giggly-happy!
First off, the soap is a good size. From the picture on the website I thought it was going to be smaller. I use this soap daily on my face and after 5 weeks I still have a lot left.

I really love how my face feels after using the Honey & Propolis soap. It smells heavenly too. Normally I don’t like how honey products smell but this one smells wonderful. Especially if I use it after a stressful homeschooling day.

I love that it doesn’t have a lot of junky ingredients like most soaps. It does contain yellow dye which I would love to see omitted but overall I like the soap and love my daily face washing with it.

I usually just use some raw honey on my face but lately I’ve been wearing some organic make-up and I feel like the Honey Manuka soap washes every speck of make-up off and sometimes it’s just nice to reach for a bar of soap.

After washing my face with the Honey soap I put some Skin Clear Cream and again, the smell is wonderful! It has a lemony scent which my hubby also loves.

The container of cream really is a good size. I was shocked actually when I saw it. Like the soap, I was expecting a small container of cream.
Koru Naturals Great for Teenage Acne
Not to be used with children under 12yr.
This cream uses raw, unpasteurized Manuka Honey and pure steam-distilled East Cape Manuka Oil along with aloe and other natural ingredients.

I haven’t found a cream (until now) natural enough to allow my kiddos to use. Up until recently I’d have them use oils but they didn’t always like that because of the oily feel.

I also wanted a cream that wouldn’t inflame or irritate their teenage acne outbreaks and the Skin Clear Cream from Koru Naturals thankfully is gentle on their skin. No irritations. I have Caleb & Josh using it daily. I use it too but not daily like the boys.

What’s great about the cream is a little bit goes a long way so we still have a LOT left. I will definitely order more when we run out for my family to use.
The Facial Cleanser come in a 4oz pump container. This is another product that I feel comfortable with letting my children use. It also contains Manuka Oil & Honey (you really have to read up on Manuka) and there aren’t a lot of ingredients in this cleanser which I like. For my family less is better.

The Facial Cleaner comes out clear and is semi thick, kind of like the thickness of gel. It has a very light scent (like barely there) that I think comes from the aloe. I couldn’t quite place it. It does smell good though.

I have used the cleanser for the purpose of reviewing but the main user of this has been my son Caleb. Again, I wanted something that would not irritate his acne outbreaks. And again Koru Naturals delivered! The cleanser is gentle on his skin. It doesn’t cause inflammation or any irritation when he uses it.

What I love is there are no parabens, artificial colors or fragrances. A must if I’m allowing my children to put this on their skin.

I do have to remind him to shake the container before using it but thankfully he’s pretty good at remembering details like that!

The Facial Toner also comes with a pump which makes it easy to apply to a cotton ball.
Gentle for Teens with Acne
The toner like the cleanser has some amazing ingredients like Manuka Leaf Oil, aloe, cucumber fruit extract (and I thought cucumbers where a veggie, well they’re not, I checked), chamomile flower extract, and green tea extract to name a few.

The toner doesn’t really have a scent, at least not to this mama! I had Caleb take a whiff of it as well and he didn’t smell anything. He tried pretty hard too trying to get some sort of scent from it.

We’ve been using it for 5 weeks and no strong odor or smells so I’d say it’s safe for those of you whom cannot tolerate perfume-y type cleansers & toners.

Final thoughts on Koru Naturals: I absolutely love their products which translates to 5 stars for Koru Naturals!

Here’s why:
1 star for natural and safe ingredients!
1 star for smelling nice but yet not overly feminine. 
1 star because you get a good amount for the price!
1 star for a product that my boys & hubby will use! Now that says a lot.
1 star for not irritating my boys acne prone skin.
5 stars for Koru Naturals here at Homeschooling6!

And in case you are wondering why the Manuka Oil Cream is not recommended for children ages 12 and under for such a natural product, (I wanted to know so I asked) it's because manuka oil hasn't been tested on children. 

If you’re looking for something to clean your sensitive beautiful face I’d encourage you to hop on over to Koru Naturals website. What’s really great is if you spend $35.00 (not $50 or $100, just $35) your order includes free shipping (in the U.S.), how wonderful is that!?!


Koru Naturals Review
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  1. I've heard good things about this product line. Maybe I'll have to add it to my wish list :)

  2. Some of the ladies where saying their cream was a bit more runny. I think it's a climate thing. Mine was a good consistency -not too runny. The cream smells so good.


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