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Schooling Using The Thinking Tree (Dyslexia Games)

With all the excitement about Joshua and Brent coming home after visiting their grandparents in CA for a few months school kind of took a back seat. We left his regular schoolbooks on the shelf. 

Instead of Caleb using the (aff) Christian Family Homeschooling Journal (Aff) only twice this week I had him use it all week along with Visual Latin and Teaching Textbook Pre Algebra.
Christian Family Journal from The Thinking Tree
Here are the books that Caleb has been reading this week.
Christian Family Journal from The Thinking Tree
Because Caleb is older I did tell him he can’t just write one sentence when completing his Reading Time page.
Christian Family Journal from The Thinking Tree
I can’t wait to purchase the Spelling Time Journal because I love how The Thinking Tree teaches spelling by having the child find words in their books and around the house.
Christian Family Journal from The Thinking Tree
The above page is from the Christian Family Homeschooling Journal.

Copywork is completed daily. I love that.
Christian Family Journal from The Thinking Tree
He used his Math Practice Page to complete some math problems.
The Thinking Tree
Caleb working on a coloring page from Dyslexia Games Series C Book 1. He completes 3 pages a day.
Dyslexic Games Series C
Caleb was happy to use his journal all week instead of usual two days because he can read books of his choice.

Here is what I completed yesterday.
These two pages are from the Dyslexia Game Series C Book 4.

I had to draw some inventions that are important to me. I chose to draw my camera and stackable dryer & washer.
I read . . .
And started . . .
I haven’t completed it yet because I’m waiting for some more markers from Amazon. I also want to buy some gel pens. I like outlining the picture using markers and coloring them in with crayons.

If you use too much markers it will bleed some to the other side of the page but only if you use a lot of marker. The pages are actually pretty thick.


  1. I recently purchased dyslexia games and the journal after read about them on your blog. I think they will be enjoyed by all of my children as something different for school.

  2. Hi, Linda, we love Dyslexia Games they are fun and something different to do.

    Which Journal did you get? After next week Ethan and Lance will be half way through their journals and I'm trying to decide which one to get them next.

    My daughter's name is Rose :)

  3. Wow, so many learning places in these. Math practice, copywork from reading -- LOVE that!!

    ...and coloring, too!! Hmm....may need to get a few of these for the rainy days coming.

  4. Oooh, rainy day journals. I think I'll use that in one of my upcoming Thinking Tree review ;)


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