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The Charlotte Mason Homeschool Journal Review

This Thinking Tree Thursday I thought I’d share about (aff) The Charlotte Mason Homeschool Journal: & Delight Directed Learning Handbook.

The suggested amount of pages per day for this journal is 10 so typically there are10-11 pages to complete  between the date pages. The date pages are where the child circles the day of week, month, etc. and at our house is how my kids know where to start and stop.

If completing 10 pages a day your child will have about 4+ hours of structured fun-schooling. Now don’t let the word ‘structured’ scare you. I know this is a delight directed journal but that’s what makes The Thinking Tree journals so different. Your child is able to learn what he’s interested in but yet have some guidance.

The Charlotte Mason journal is different from the other in that it has picture studies. Your child will study a black & white picture (Picture Study Page) and answer the four questions on the Picture Study Notes page.
 Charlotte Mason Journal
This journal is recommended for a child who can read and write at a 4th grade level.
If using this journal with the suggested 10 pages daily a day will look like this:
  • Circle Today’s Date: this is where I have my kids start each journal day
  • Start Your Day! this page has your child copy a verse or quote, my plans, and to-do-list.
  • Letter Doodles: your child practices writing letters by tracing and coloring in the letters.
  • Picture Study page and Picture Study Notes: this is two pages that I count as 1.
  • Nature Study: have your child go outside and draw something from nature or use a book to find something that is found in nature (plants, rocks, animals, etc.).
  • Reading Time: this page ha a child pick 4 books from their stack and spend 15 minutes reading then complete one of the boxes. Your child can draw or write something about what they read.
  • Spelling Time: your child will hunt through their books for words to write in their journal.
  • Screen Time: watch a documentary, educational program, movie, or tutorial and write a few sentences about it.
  • Math Practice: a graph page.
  • World News Today: read with your child about a current event. The child will color on the map where the even happened and either summarize in words or draw a picture.
  • Copywork: your child chooses what he would like to copy from one of his books
Charlotte Mason Journal
Other pages that your child will encounter in this book but not as often as the above pages  is:
  • Draw a Meal Plan: this doesn’t have to be their meal plan. Get creative and draw what others around the world eat. Are you studying ancient times? What did they eat. Did you just read about a missionary? What kind of foods did they eat. What are some of the meals that the characters in your child’s book would eat, have them draw and write about it on their meal pages.
  • Fun Writing Practice: your child can explore writing or practice their penmanship.
  • Draw Anything Page: a page for your child to draw whatever they want! Encourage them to have fun with this page.
  • Listening Time has two pages that I count as one. One page has the child write down what they are listening too while being creative on the next page. Have your child draw or write something, copy some Dyslexia Games puzzles, etc. You can even add something you’d like them to do by taping a page from a coloring book for them to color. 
  • Animal Quiz: on this page is an animal or bug and your child is to draw the animals habitat, food, and enemies (a little research time).
  • Coloring Page: a picture to color
The pages in bold are what I call the “Main Pages” because they are in all the journals (at least from what I have seen with the dozen journals that I own).

And as always you can assign as many pages as you like. You don’t have to have your child complete all the pages. Have them use a few pages a day along with one Reading Time box to complete.

If you love what curricula you are using now, that’s great, you can use The Charlotte Mason Journal once or twice a week. Do you have a four day school week and are looking for something different on Friday? Use The Charlotte Mason journal as a Fun-Friday school day.

Cold days are coming, lots of rainy days, this journal can be your Rainy-Day homeschooling book of fun-learning.
Charlotte Mason Journal
What I would love to see in this book is to have the Picture Study and Picture Study Notes pages be side to side. This way the child doesn’t have to flip back-and-forth when answering the questions on Picture Study Note page. Although this is perfect if you prefer your child to study the picture than answer the questions without looking.
Charlotte Mason Journal
Sometimes the Listening Page and Draw Anything Page are side-by-side. For my boys that’s a lot of empty space to fill. Usually they are spaced out but every so often they are both assigned within the 10 per day pages.

EDITED - Item Update: it now has Timeline of Centuries in the back of the journal.
New pages! Below is a "two" day walk through of The Charlotte Mason Journal.
Inside cover

 Child picks books. These don't have to be filled out in one day. As the child finishes and adds books he can come back and add titles.
The Start of Day 1

 Day 1 ends with copywork and Day 2 on the opposite page.

 More Animal Quiz pages have been added.

 End of Day 2 and ready to start Day 3!

Part of the update a Storyboard of World History (timeline) is included.
My Storyboard of World History in the back.
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Slowing Down

Yesterday I did something with my two youngest boys that I haven’t done in a while. I read a few picture books just for fun. No lesson connection, just pure fun and enjoyment.
Ethan snuggled with me while Lance put one of his Hot Wheels tracks together. It was nice.
When I was Young in the Mountain <-(aff) was a cute read but Lance said it was boring. He made me laugh because yes, he’s growing up. Charming books like these aren’t his favorite anymore.
Lance did like the beautiful pictures. I remember as a child looking at the pictures in books and just soaking up all the details. I loved looking at pictures of “Laura” days/era.
Peeking into their world of living in cabins, when eggs were not refrigerated, and the general store pictures always had lots to look at.
Owl Moon
Both boys enjoyed (aff) Owl Moon. I loved the simple life, hard working, but closer to nature life. I stared at this picture for a long time after I read the book to the kids.
Owl Moon
Later that day Ethan and I again snuggled together. I listened to Ethan read from the book, Worth (aff).
I need to have another day like yesterday =) 
Last week I enjoyed reading (aff) Johnny Texas to the boys. A friend loaned me her book.
Johnny Texas 
And that’s what we’ve been doing at Homeschooling6!
These past two days have reminded me of my Sonlight homeschooling days. I use to read for hours to my kiddos.


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Thinking Tree Week in Review (November 16th-19th)

We had a four day week. Friday, Lupe took the boys camping while Annette and I had some cherished girl time (I'll write a bit about that tomorrow).

Here are some pictures from last week.
The Thinking Tree Journals
Ethan’s journal.
The Thinking Tree Journals
I’m not exactly sure what this is, haha, but I thought it was cute.
The Thinking Tree Journals
And as you all may know he’s into perfecting his birds.
The Thinking Tree Journals
I really like this page Ethan did with the ant, lamprey, and bird..
The Thinking Tree Journals
Again, I thought this was cute and I know what it is!
The Thinking Tree Journals
How cute, for dinner he put a Wendy’s chili.
The Thinking Tree Journals
Love the drawing of the couch.
The Thinking Tree Journals
The Thinking Tree Journals
He put pretend words in the book.
The Thinking Tree Journals
Lance is using the 60 Day Plan Do-It-Yourself.
The Thinking Tree Journals
I like how he draws little stick figure people doing things in the picture.
The Thinking Tree Journals
The Thinking Tree Journals
When checking his journal pages at the end of the day I noticed he didn’t put the title and page number so he had to go back and do that.
The Thinking Tree Journals
Lance put that he doesn’t eat breakfast. He loves pot pie, enjoys chocolate milk and donuts, and his favorite pizza is cheese. Wow, his favorite meals are all junk foods. What about the beef soup, sweet potato chips, and oatmeal that mom makes.
The Thinking Tree Journals
He loves watching Curious George.
The Thinking Tree Journals
The answers:
1. I can die.
2. I don’t know how to fly.
3. I don’t have a license.
4. How do you become a pilot?

The Thinking Tree Journals
His inspirational quote I rewrote under his. His writing on Wednesday was a bit sloppy. I don't know if it's a lazy thing or he really has trouble. I don't want to stress him out about it right now while he's using Dyslexia Games.

I do encourage him to always do the best to his ability and for Jesus. If I comment on it being sloppy when he did do his best he has a melt down. Of course I didn't realize it was his best but I'm learning. So now I always praise him and suggest how he could work on (for example) the letter r or n.

Some days he does really good with writing (still not up to par with other kids his age but good or what I call Lance good).

The date page above has marker bleeding through from the other side. He likes to use the markers more than colored pencils. The only problem is he goes over the same spot as if he’s use crayons or color pencils which bleeds through.
The Thinking Tree Journals
The Thinking Tree Journals
The Thinking Tree Journals
The page below is from (aff) Teach Your Child to Read, Write, and Spell: 100 Easy Bible Verses.
The Thinking Tree Journals
And as you can see, Lance loves to add things to his pictures. I think it keeps him interested in his page.
The Thinking Tree Journals
Brent’s pages.
The Thinking Tree Journals
Brent is almost done with his journal. Maybe another week or so. I’m trying to decide which journal to use next!
 The Thinking Tree
 The Thinking Tree
Copywork from a book called Battles.
 The Thinking Tree
I love this page because it shows he took his time. Something we’ve been working on.
 The Thinking Tree
I colored these two pages. CHRISTmas colors, I love this time of year.
 The Thinking Tree
Caleb’s pages.
 The Thinking Tree
 The Thinking Tree
With the Spelling Time page Caleb is using words from (aff) Mastering the Top 150 Misspelled Words. He is also writing the same word twice. Once in cursive and again in print.
 The Thinking Tree
He loves (aff) How Did You Do It Truett, or I guess I should say he’s really enjoying this book. This is a required book for my older kiddos.
 The Thinking Tree
Awe, he added some leaves.
 The Thinking Tree
And that was our Thinking Tree week. I look forward to sharing a Thinking Tree year in 2016. I plan to go into more detail with how we are using them and what books the kids will use.

Right now the boys are still using Dyslexia Games so I continue to keep the rest of their schooling low key.