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A Little Under the Weather (but all better now)

October 30th, Lance was not feeling well. Josh had been sick for a few weeks prior. When Josh came home from CA he had a cold and it lasted for about three weeks. He’d start feeling better but as soon as he did something like running or mowing the lawn he’d end up in bed with a headache and cold like symptoms.

In fact for Josh, just last week he finally felt that he was all better (thank you Jesus). Both boys are fine now but I took these pictures of Lance and forgot to share them on the blog, hehe.
I LOVE his feet. He has toes like his dad.
This mini computer use to be my Auntie’s then my sister bought it from her. I remember my sister telling me how she use to take it to the coffee shop, this was over 7 years ago!
Then she gave it to me before we moved to our current resident. Lance was 5 when we moved and now he’s 11!
He wrote a letter to himself.


  1. I'm still a little under the weather myself (beautiful rainy weather). I'm starting to feel better and that your son is feeling better, too.

  2. We had a nice storm last night. Lots of rain and thunder. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  3. All of my kids and myself are experiencing major sinus problems lately! It's the pits.