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Caleb’s Journal Pages

Caleb really likes using The Thinking Tree journal. I’m sad that he won’t be able to use it all year. In January he’ll start his official high school year. My baby is going to be in high school (my 3rd high school student) so hard to believe.

I haven’t been able to figure out how to continue with the journal for 9th grade. I do plan to have him use some of the books from The Thinking Tree like Spelling Time (and Sarah is creating another spelling book right now), Timeline of World History, and the DIY Biology: Make Your Own Book, so I’ll be blogging how we will incorporate and use those books with My Father’s World: Ancient History.
The Thinking Tree Journals
I had Caleb list some of the things he could learn from the ant.
The Thinking Tree Journals
His spelling words, I’m having him practice spelling words from the 150 Misspelled Words workbook for now.
The Thinking Tree Journals
I add little notes of encouragement and mommy love.
The Thinking Tree Journals
He colored this page while listening to The Story of the World audio book.
The Thinking Tree Journals
Here’s the owl he colored. He also added a little ‘thinking’ caption. He said the owl is thinking about coffee because he has to stay up all night. Cute, that’s my Caleb.

You can read more about how Caleb is using The The Thinking Tree HERE.

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