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Girl Weekend

Annette and I had some mother-daughter time this weekend (Nov. 20-22). It was wonderful. As much as we miss Lupe and the boys we cherish these weekends alone. I cherish them because one day my daughter will leave our home (sniff-sniff).

We lined up some movies we wanted to see, books we wanted to read, and stuff we wanted to bake. A weekend sounds like enough time for all we wanted to do but it wasn’t. The baking well, I made an avocado pudding and she tried one of her healthified puddings but that was all the baking we did.

Annette accomplished a lot of sewing. She made me a coffee mug “sweater” and herself a blanket that rolls into a pillow.
She was so diligent to stay on task.

We stayed up late watching our girly movies and woke up late as well. Heehee, we’d watch a movie in the morning in our jammies. It was fun.

The movies we watched (aff): Alone Yet Not Alone, Disney’s new Cinderella movie, and Civil Love (that was a good one, definitely a girl’s night out movie or mother-daughter day).

We had fun laughing and talking and just being together. Enjoying this time with my baby girl while I can. I love being with her and I’m so thankful she likes spending time with me too!

Annette also made a blanket.
We don’t have a big sewing table, that’s on her wish list. The floor worked out, especially with all the men folk gone, (wink).
She looks so cute sewing, I love my girl!
Her blanket is pink!
That pin cushion ring looks dangerous, haha. It comes in handy though.
Her friend bought it for her in Amish country.
Making this blanket is part of her home economics course by Christian Light.
Adorable! All wrapped up in her new blanket.
This blanket can fold into a pillow.
She still needs to sew the pocket on and add some yarn knots (not sure what they are called) so the blanket won’t shift.

The sewing machine her Auntie Hannah gave her for her birthday!!! Super sweet of her to think of Annette.


  1. What a fun weekend! I need to do this with my daughters. They would love it.

    Very good sewing skills, Annette! I have looked at the CLP home economics for Mikaela, but I don't like their other products, so...I'm undecided. What is Annette's "review" of it? I would love to hear it! You could email me if you want.

  2. Oh a precious weekend indeed! Her sewing is beautiful and love her big smiles.

    Such a darling pin cushion, too. I've never seen one like that.

    ...and yes, {{sniff, sniff}} I have one daughter moved away and the next around the corner.

  3. Thank you Ladies, it's such a joy and a wonderful way to make some memories.


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