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Lance School = Fun School with The Thinking Tree =)

Here is Lance schooling The Thinking Tree way =)
He plays, does a little school, plays some more, does more school, etc. etc. etc.
I admit he can get way into his playing and I’ll have to remind him to get back to school!
Here is what we’ll use for the rest of this year (2015) with Lance.
The Thinking Tree Curriculum
He’s still using Dyslexia Games which means we are keeping the rest of LA pretty low-key.

He finished Practice Pages 2 but because he still reverses some letters I’m having him go through the book again. Today I printed the book and he’ll redo it starting Monday.

Lance continues his regular math program: Teaching Textbooks/CTC Math.
A perk when you homeschool is having avfavorite blankets around.
Look what I made today for the first time.
Sweet potato chips!
They were really good. I ate half of them when I thought to take a picture. I think I over cooked these ones but they were still yummy!


  1. Sweet potato fries are the BEST. We live in sweet potato country in Louisiana, so we get all the free sweet potatoes we want by going to the fields and picking them up! With permission, of course! My husband used to farm sweet potatoes.

    Love the toys breaks. I think I am too strict on my kids sometimes. I should let them take breaks to play!

  2. I'll be making more sweet potato chips today, yum! Wow, free sweet potatoes how blessed.

    Yes, LEGO and Bionicles breaks :)

  3. Those sweet potato chips look yummy! I have some sweet potatoes on my counter, too :)

    Playtime is learning time!! They have to have sparks of imagination to find a love of learning.

  4. Yes ma'm it is. I've learned to relax a little. Before I was like, we have to get school done, we have to do school :O)