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Little of This and That Kind of Post

What a day its been and it’s only 2:00 P.M. (hey, that kind of rhymed)

Me, “Lance can you toss your book over here?”
I look up and Lance is about to throw a 300+ page Homeschooling Journal from The Thinking Tree at me.

Me, “Lance, why are were you going to throw the book instead of handing it to me?”

Lance, “Because you said to toss the book.”

Me thinking, “Asperger’s Syndrome” so many things about Lance make sense now.

My sweet boy!

With dealing with some of what is going on at our house I pulled my Bible and Mommy Journal out.

Not only is there much going on here but my heart is heavy for the Hinote family as well.

They are fighting for their daughter. An innocent family losing their precious daughter all over a formula dispute. Loving parents – how could DCF have so much power to take their child away. I know this happens. It HAS happened to one of MY own family members.

I can’t imagine one day having 5 beautiful children running around the house than bam! They are gone because of one stupid phone call by a loser person (sorry, that’s my flesh speaking).

Lord please give peace to my sweet cousin who lost her beautiful babies. Lord I also pray for the Hinote family.

I pray, pray, pray, that Bella will go home soon. To be with her parents and baby sister.

I’m reminded to be thankful for sticky days. Days that are bit messy here. A sink full of dishes, a floor that needs a sweep, and a house with homeschooling books everywhere (a good thing).

I am thankful for the mess. Sometimes I need to be reminded but I am thankful.

Like I wrote at the bottom of my journal page, “Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling, a wonderful – adventurous calling”, the first half I read some where (not sure where though) and I added the second part.

I’m just so thankful my Lord listens to this daughter of his. I can sometimes get into a life of me, me, me, and that is boring, boring, boring.

The weather has been so nice. Today it’s cool and breezy. An autumn day. I love it.

Lance went to the library and picked up some audio books.

And a book about chasing tornados. I didn’t know he was interested in tornados.

So that’s my strange, weird, roller-coaster post for the day. So many emotions going on today.

Now I’m going to fold some laundry, put some Jesus music on, and pray for the Hinote family. 

Please keep the Hinote family in prayer if you think about them today. Yesterday’s court date didn’t go so well. They have court dates on the 4th & 6th as well. Let’s lift them up in prayer.


  1. ((((hugs))))

    Prayers for peace in all your situations, friend!

    I saw your post on the forum and wanted to say that I am proud of you! You are a great mama to do what's best for your children.

  2. Thank you Michelle. It was so hard to not reapply and have another amazing Crew year. I love reviewing but my mama heart is telling me I need to slow down (awe reminds me of T. new blog name).

    I'll still do some reviews but more on my own schedule. Don't want to get rusty ;)

  3. Sweet friend I just love your transparency. We have been praying for your family and others that have been affected by a failed system :(

    Love your journal thoughts!!!


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