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My Daughter

Annette is so sweet. I had no idea she was making me a coffee cup sweater.
She set up shop in the living room.
She’s been taking a sewing class at our church for the past 5 years now. And right now one of her Christian Light books is on sewing so she’s been enjoying her home economics course.
My sweet girl. I’m so thankful the Lord blessed me with a daughter.
She purchased the fabric and the batting all on her own.
Her Auntie in California gifted Annette a sewing machine. Annette is so THANKFUL to have her very own machine now.


  1. That is cute! Glad you have your own machine Annette. It is fun sewing. I had home economics in high school, I loved it. I also loved sewing but I hating cutting out the material. I tricked Grandma and Grandpa Chavez once to help me cut it out a pattern. I made a Blue A-Line Skirt and vest to match. I also make a pretty Green with Flowers Maternity Smock for Aunt Rose when when she was pregnant with April. I got A's on all of that. When I was married, I continued to sew and loved it. I get lazy now. LOL!! Love You All!! Keep up the good work Annette, Love You!! <3

  2. Good job, Annette! I wish I could sew... lol!

  3. Beautiful, Annette! I'm sure it will get much use in your coffee "house"!!!


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