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Schoolhouse Review: Ann McCallum Books

This next review is a fun one for both mom and child because y’all will get to Eat Your U.S. History Homework! Yup, you read correctly, Ann McCallum Books has a fun series of books.
McCallum Review Eat Your U.S. History Homework
What a fun way to enhance (and eat) your American history studies! From the very first Thanksgiving to America’s independence.

Expect some fun learning going on in the kitchen. Once you read the introduction and go over some quick kitchen tips you can dive right in.

Here’s what you will be cooking up all while learning some history:

Thanksgiving Succotash - this chapter is pretty self-explanatory but instead of preparing a turkey you’ll make succotash. Yum, my kids enjoyed this dish and it was a great way to get them eating lima beans!

Colonial Cherry-Berry Grunt - is the next chapter. Not only will you learn about the 13 colonies but enjoy a delicious dessert. What kid doesn’t like berries, yum!

Lost Bread - what does Lost Bread and the French and Indian War have in common? You’ll have to read pages 19-23 to find out!
Eat Your U.S. History
Southern Plantation Hoe Cakes – in this chapter you will learn about slavery and make can have a lunch of Hoe Cakes but thankfully you won’t have to make these outside next to a field while chucking corn.
Eat Your U.S. History
My kids enjoyed these with butter and real maple syrup, yum!

Revolutionary Honey-Jumble Cookies – Something was brewing in America in 1773 as you read and find out what you’ll get to eat your yummy homework of cookies! My kids gobbled these up!
Eat Your U.S. History
My kids absolutely loved these cookies. They are now a favorite at Homeschooling6. Even this low-carb mama had one (shhhh).
Eat Your U.S. History
We used a baby food jar to press the cookies, that’s why they have a lovely indention.

Independence Ice Cream – while America was declaring independence the first ice cream shop opened in New York. So enjoy eating your ice cream homework (I’ll admit we went to our favorite ice cream shop to eat this homework!).

History Review – these two pages gives a recap of history (a quick review)
And lastly is the glossary. In the Introduction part of the book, there is a timeline from 1607-1789.

Each chapter starts with some information about what was happening during the time period. The next page is the recipe, followed by a bit more history. There is also a page titled “Side Dish” kind of like a “Side Note” page, giving additional history.
Eat Your U.S. History
Using Eat Your U.S. History Homework at Homeschooling6!

This was a fun book and I love the hands on learning (something I’m trying to incorporate more of in our homeschool).

I usually read it during lunch to the younger kids. We read one ‘chapter’ a week on Friday. Later either that day or a few days later we’d eat our homework. Can’t get a better assignment than that!

And what’s great is it’s only 47 pages which makes it super easy to add to your homeschooling day!

Final thoughts: I’d encourage you to look into Ann McCallum’s books if you are looking for some fun-schooling.
Ann McCallum Books Review
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  1. We enjoyed this too. Your pics are fabulous! Great review! :)

  2. Thank you, I was on the floor trying to get a good picture, haha, things we do for that 'shot'! My natural light was fading fast :)

  3. Food and learning -- the best kind of YUM!

  4. A great way to learn. If fit right in with our journals =)

  5. These were the recipes we tried too. They were both well received in our house. Those cookies are addictive!

  6. They are! The cookies were so yummy!

  7. This book looks great! My older children would love it! I have read several reviews on this, and I think I'm going to try it!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this. Oh my- those Honey Jumble Cookies and Southern Plantation Hoe Cakes look delish! What terrific photos. Thanks so much again.

  9. You're so welcome, and thank you for the opportunity. We look forward with using your other books.


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