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Schoolhouse Review: The Critical Thinking Co.

I am always thrilled to review items from The Critical Thinking Co. as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was given Practical Critical Thinking and the Practical Critical Thinking Teacher’s Manual.
The Critical Thinking Co. Review by Homeschooling6
These are some hefty books with over 370 pages! The student workbook is in color and the teacher’s manual is in black and white.

The program is for grades 9-12. I am using it with Caleb my 9th grade student (time goes by way too fast). He’s been using it 3 times a week. Mostly independent. We’ll discuss and go over some parts but as much as I’d like to do more with him, life gets busy and next thing I know he’s completed his assignment without me.

I love when my kids actually like a school subject. Hearing that they like and are interested in a subject just makes my mama heart happy, so when Caleb told me twice that he liked Practical Critical Thinking –(he said that without any prompting from me), well that makes my heart sing.
The Critical Thinking Co.
About Practical Critical Thinking:

Practical Critical Thinking consist of 4 Units and each Unit includes 2 Chapters for a total of 8 chapters:

Unit 1. Becoming a Critical Thinking -
Chapter 1: The 411 About Critical Thinking
Chapter 2: Playing Games, Doing puzzles: Practice Critical Thinking Skills

Unit 2. Adding to My Critical Thinking Toolbox
Chapter 3: Some Basics Concepts for Critical Thinking
Chapter 4: Critical Thinking and Language

Unit 3. Critical Thinking and Arguments
Chapter 5: Analyzing Arguments
Chapter 6: Informal Fallacies

Unit 4. Applying My Critical Thinking
Chapter 7: Advertising
Chapter 8: Eyewitness Testimony, Direct & Circumstantial Evidence
The chapters have between 7-9 lessons.
The Critical Thinking Co.
As you can see this critical thinking program covers a lot! Your child will have a strong foundation of important critical thinking skills and will gain analysis skills, comprehension, how to communicate effectively, gain evaluation skills, through concrete activities.

One activity has your child solve a candle problem. The child studies a page in his workbook that has a picture of a table. On the table is a cardboard box full of thumbtacks, a book of matches, and a candle. The child is instructed to figure out how to attach the candle to the wall above the table so that the wax does not drip on the table.

How fun and a creative way to get the minds of our kids thinking! Another activity has a figure like a squiggly line. Your child has 5 minutes to create something from it. Again, a fun way to learn.
As your child continues through the course they will learn analyzing arguments, informal fallacies, eyewitness testimony, direct and circumstantial evidence (Annette is drooling over this program).
The Critical Thinking Co.
Your child will also read news articles, study marketing campaigns, and do experiments like the ones I mentioned above.

The Teacher’s Manual gives detailed answers, a must for this mama! And I absolutely love that there’s reproducible activates in the back. This works out great for those who will need to use the program with more than one child.
The Critical Thinking Co.
At first I was having Caleb write in the student workbook but now he reads everything in the workbook and makes copies of the activity pages, keeping the rest of the workbook clean and ready to go for the next child.

We are both enjoying this program. Caleb loves all that he is learning about being a critical thinker and I love that I have all the answers via the Teacher’s Manual. It’s not overwhelming for me at all.

And as always you are allowed to reproduce the pages (for immediate family only). I love that. Now I won't have to purchase one for Brent, one for Ethan, and one for Lance! A big shout out to The Critical Thinking Co. with saving us money!!!

My 10th grade daughter who has her own critical thinking program is sometimes found with Caleb’s Practical Critical Thinking book. She might need her own book!

If you have a younger child The Critical Thinking Co. has one for them too! I want to get this one for my younger kiddos: The Basics of Critical Thinking for grades 4-9.
The Critical Thinking Company Review
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  1. I like this for my 15 year old, thanks for the review!

  2. Deborah, you're welcome. It really is a great program. I didn't realize how much my kids like this kind of stuff!

  3. I have not really thought about adding logic to my kid's curriculum. Something to keep in mind as they get older!! Great review.


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