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Schoolhouse Review: GrapeVine Studies

Are you looking for a fun way to teach God’s Word? If so you might want to check out GrapeVine Studies! What a creative way to teach kids the wonderful stories in the Bible. We were given the opportunity to review their Old Testament 1: Level 3 Creation to Jacob and Old Testament 1: Level 4 Creation to Jacob.
GrapeVine Review by Homeschooling6
I received the in E-book format the Teacher Book which can be used with both levels 3 & 4. I also received in E-book format Level 3 and Level 4.

Grapevine studies can be used with a variety of denominations. You can read their Statement of Faith HERE.

Grapevine Studies makes it super easy to prepare. The program doesn’t require you to have a well stocked craft closet. You won’t be gluing, cutting, or pasting. All that is fun but sometimes you need a simpler, more low-key way to teach.

GrapeVine Studies

Even though you are not using craft supplies Grapevine is still hands-on and a great way to teach some wiggly, fun, hyper-active, dyslexic students!

For the kids, all you need is some crayons, markers, or colored pencils. I used Grapevine Studies with my wiggly guy Lance and my more serious Ethan. Lance preferred to use some fine-tip markers, while Ethan chose to use colored pencils. GrapeVine is great for all types of learners too! I love that in a product.

Grapevine makes it easy to teach multiple levels. We used levels 3 & 4. Level three your child will learn basic bible geography through some mapping exercises. Level 4 your child will learn how to use a Bible Dictionary, Concordance, and a Topical Bible. Grapevine does a wonderful job with giving children the opportunity these Bible tools to dig deeper in to God’s Word.

GrapeVine Studies

Grapevine Studies – Creation to Jacob consist of 12 lessons. The first lessons you’ll draw a 3 page timeline with your child. The goal of the these pages is to teach your child the main events and the order that they happened.

Lesson 7 is a Section Review. There are lots of questions you can ask your child or discuss with them (see Lesson 12 below for game ideas). There is also a 2 page timeline to be completed.

Lessons 2-11: each lesson starts with a Timeline Review/Memory Verse Review page. The child will review the last three characters or events by filling out the timeline (drawing stick figures of people and events).  The second half of this page is the memory verse review. The child can either write the 3 previous memory verses or as we did say them out loud.

Next is the lesson pages. There are two. This is where your child will draw the “scenes”. Where each ‘scene’ will be drawn via stick figures, there is a verse from where the event was taken (or scene was taken).

GrapeVine Studies
The last page for the lesson is the Student Drawing Page if you’re using level 3. If using level 4 than it would be the Quest Page. The difference between the Drawing Page & the Quest Page is:

Drawing Page: has a place for the child to draw their favorite part of the lesson they studied that week. At the bottom of the page lines are provided to write the memory verse.

Quest Page: gives your child the opportunity to use a Topical bible, Bible Dictionary, and/or Bible Concordance. At the bottom of the page is a “Quest Question”

Lesson 12 is the final review. The Final Review has 80 questions you can ask your children. This can be done verbally or make a game out of it. One idea would be to ask a question, if the child answers correctly they pick a piece of paper from a bowl or basket (these papers have points on them 1, 5, 10, 50, 100), and whatever points are on the paper are the points he received. Then have a sibling go next.

You can even play “Bible Baseball”. It’s the same concept as above except this time the points are things like “home run”, “second base” etc. Draw a diamond on a piece of paper or the whiteboard.

Also included in the Final Review is a blank timeline for your child(ren) to complete.

The Teacher Book is scripted, yay, I love this because it makes my mama job easier! All the teacher notes are in Green. What is really super great is the Teacher Book was made to teach both level 3 and 4. Isn’t that fabulous, you don’t have to buy to Teacher Books!?!?

GrapeVine Studies
Using GrapeVine Studies at Homeschooling6:
I had a lot of fun teaching my kiddos using GrapeVine. I love the whole stick-figure way of drawing. It makes teaching fun but not overwhelming.

We used this study 4 days a week for the most part. Some weeks we were pretty busy and squeezed a lesson in, in 3 days.

For us it took about 15-30 minutes to complete a page. If you and your kiddos are looking up the Bible passages together than it will take longer.

We alternated. Some days I had the kids read the Bible passage and other days I did. The program is really flexible. If your in a time crunch, mom can read or you can even narrate as you draw the pictures.
The level 4 Quest Page does take longer because the child is looking the answer up in one of the Bible study books.

With Ethan, we took turns looking up the answers. He is pretty moody. If he can’t find the answer he’s easily discouraged. So as much as I’d have loved to just hand him the page and let him write the answers he did it orally. Maybe I’ll start weaning him to write and work on it independently.

All-in-all we are really enjoying GrapeVine Studies. I’d like to use a few more with my boys.

Grapevine Studies Review
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  1. We are going to add in a couple of Grapevine units :) The Birth of Jesus and the Biblical Holidays. ....again it was from your review sharing that it reminded me to use them.

  2. We'll be using The Birth of Jesus and I hope to add Biblical Holidays too.