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Slowing Down

Yesterday I did something with my two youngest boys that I haven’t done in a while. I read a few picture books just for fun. No lesson connection, just pure fun and enjoyment.
Ethan snuggled with me while Lance put one of his Hot Wheels tracks together. It was nice.
When I was Young in the Mountain <-(aff) was a cute read but Lance said it was boring. He made me laugh because yes, he’s growing up. Charming books like these aren’t his favorite anymore.
Lance did like the beautiful pictures. I remember as a child looking at the pictures in books and just soaking up all the details. I loved looking at pictures of “Laura” days/era.
Peeking into their world of living in cabins, when eggs were not refrigerated, and the general store pictures always had lots to look at.
Owl Moon
Both boys enjoyed (aff) Owl Moon. I loved the simple life, hard working, but closer to nature life. I stared at this picture for a long time after I read the book to the kids.
Owl Moon
Later that day Ethan and I again snuggled together. I listened to Ethan read from the book, Worth (aff).
I need to have another day like yesterday =) 
Last week I enjoyed reading (aff) Johnny Texas to the boys. A friend loaned me her book.
Johnny Texas 
And that’s what we’ve been doing at Homeschooling6!
These past two days have reminded me of my Sonlight homeschooling days. I use to read for hours to my kiddos.


  1. I read aloud to the kids every morning before we start lessons. We read The Indian in the Cupboard (which they loved and always begged for more!) And we are reading the second boon in the series, The Secret of the Indian. If is a special way to start our school days.

  2. Good for you Megan. I use to read so much to my kiddos but lately I've gone weeks without reading. I think I'm going to need to change that ;)

  3. Yay for slowing!! You know that this is on my heart and so nice to see it embraced! And, you read some of our favorite books, too :)

  4. Chasing Slow, I believe I was reading some of your post of days gone by and came across the books. I put them on my library wishlist. :)


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