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Super Cute Journals From The Thinking Tree!!!

The Thinking Tree sent me some super cute journals to review for y’all. These journals are recommended for ages pre-k to 3rd grade!
Fun Schooling by the Thinking Tree.jpg 1
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Aren’t they just adorable?!?! Sarah made these journals for her younger kiddos because they wanted journals too, just like their older siblings!

The pages in these journals are great for the beginner learners and/or struggling readers. Included in these journals are some pages of art & logic which are great for children with reading confusion, letter reversals and of course dyslexia.

Sarah has a knack for creating beautiful books that are fun thus the title Fun-Schooling and as always these journals are written with the Open Dyslexia Font.
The Thinking Tree Fun Schooling
There are so many fun pages in these books. Below I’ll share a few pages from each amazing journal.
Each journal starts with the instruction page and Book Time page.
The Thinking Tree

This cute journal with the adorable rabbits is recommended for ages 3-7 and includes:
  • Thinking Time Pages: fun art and logic
  • Reading Time: gives them space to draw a picture from each book
  • Nature Study Page: they can go outside and draw what they see from nature
  • Coloring Pages: some are more detailed than others but all are beautiful (mom might want to join in and have some fun with these pages!)
  • Draw Anything Page: this is a page with a border. There is room to draw a picture of anything your child wants. A space to draw a pet and another space to draw a wild animal.
  • Coloring Time: a different type of coloring page, your child will color some rabbits, a strawberry, picture frames, carrots etc. The pages are amazing!
  • Movie Time: where your little one can watch a documentary, educational program, YouTube tutorial, etc. and draw and/or write (if he can) about it. There are so many kid friendly shows like Big Truck/Trains, Animal Planet, etc.
  • Math Time: to make maps, graphs, or practice math problems. You can even play the game “Lines & Dots” where you make a box and put your initial in it.
  • Writing Time: a page to copy something from one of their books or they can narrate while you write it down for them.
  • Letter Time: a page to practice writing letters.
The Thinking Tree
Some pages from the journal. Here is a cute rabbit from one of the Color Time pages.
The Thinking Tree
Copywork and Book Time.
The Thinking Tree
A Draw Time page and look at the beautiful coloring page. I love the little underground world.
Fun Schooling Journal
This one includes many of the pages as the first journal with the rabbits on it, so I won’t explain each page.
  • What will happen next? This page has a drawing and the child is to draw the rest of the story.
  • Thinking Time
  • Reading Time
  • Nature Study
  • Coloring Pages
  • Draw Anything Page – Spelling Words – Use Your Imagination: space is provided for each task.
  • Draw 4 Book that you love reading page
  • Draw a Meal Plan
  • Movie Time
  • Emotions & Moods
  • Math Time
  • Writing Time (copywork)
  • Drawing Time: A whole page to use to draw!
The Thinking Tree
I love the Thinking Time pages.
The Thinking Tree
The Thinking Tree
Up next . . .
These two journals have the same interior but different covers.
Fun Schooling Different Covers
Sarah, the author and creator of The Thinking Tree journals is truly artistically blessed!

These journals are recommended for ages 6-9 and includes the same type of pages as the first journal I mentioned (the one with the cute rabbits). With different coloring pages, Thinking Time pages, etc.
The Thinking Tree
The Thinking Tree
The Thinking Tree
The Thinking Tree
And there you have it! I hope this post helps you with choosing which beginner journal is right for your little one.



  1. These are growing on me and I took a closer look at the younger ones today so I was excited to see your post! I'm still not sure if they would be a good fit for my Bo (he will be 5 at the end of the year) - I'm not sure he is ready for that much writing (like the copywork page). But, today he started reversing numbers so I"m not sure if I should be concerned (all my kiddos have done that at that age), but I don't think it could hurt to train his brain this young. Thanks for sharing! I may consider these for K - he may be more ready for them by then. :)

    P.S. I've enjoyed all your posts sharing and your lovely journaling!

  2. Thank you Michelle!!! Yes, there is a bit of writing for a preschooler. I think waiting for K is a good idea.

    It's so hard when they are young to know if the letter reversals. With Brent I didn't think anything of it and he still writes his 5 & s backwards! I feel so bad. Hopefully by the time he's done with Dyslexia Games it will be corrected.

  3. Thank you for posting all the wonderful pictures of the pages. It really helps to get a better feel. I think I'm pretty much sold on them but really have to work them into our budget.

  4. You're welcome. I can see your girls using these. They'd make the pages beautiful!. I have so many ideas for the journals swimming around in my head :)