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A Little of This and That

All my boys are using Dyslexia Games. Here is a picture of Caleb completing a few pages from Series C.

I tried taking a picture of Ethan and Brent completing their pages but they weren't cooperating. This was the best I could do and it came out a bit blurry.

My blogging will be slowing down. I need to start baking. Next week we will start our CHRISTmas vacation, yay!

The kids will get a whole week off from school then the first week of Jan. we'll do some light school. Math and Dyslexia Games only. About the second week we might start our new homeschooling year.

I'm not sure if I'll have a Thinking Tree Thursday tomorrow. I haven't even started writing a post yet, ack! It's been busy. I had a few reviews due my last ones for the year, wow!

Live Writer is acting up again! My last post didn't want to transfer from LW to Blogger. I love Live Writer because it's so easy to crop photos and such. Praying the two programs will work together.
Here is Lance in his happy place. He's been creating (as always).

Lance makes lots of scenes, takes pictures of them, uploads them to the computer, then put his creations on Lego.com. There's a kids site. If accepted others get to see, comment, and like. Lance is having a ball with that.


  1. Lance is so creative! I like peeking into your school days.

    1. Thank you, he loves LEGOS. He makes all these little animation type stuff except it's more like a flip book because he doesn't know how to do it on the computer yet.

  2. Lance reminds me of E's creativity! Enjoy your wonderful Christmas break :) We are trying to finish up a few things so that we will have a break ourselves. I then need to pray over a few things for our 2nd semester.

    Enjoy the beautiful baking days!!!

    1. Thank you, I'm looking forward to some school down time.

      I do need to share more of Lance's creations.


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