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Coil Bound My Books

Well I finally took some of our Thinking Tree journals to be spiral bound and I think they came out really well.
It took me a while to do this because I like taking pictures of them and they don't come out as nice when spiral bound. I guess the ease of use is more important than a good shot, right?
I also had the front covers laminated because I know how rough kids can be on their books!
Now their books will lay flat making it easier to write when they get close to the spine or middle of the book.
I thought about 3-hole punching the book so the pages can be placed in a binder but you know what, I don't like binders. I use them a lot but much prefer to keep the pages attached together. It's really strange but binders don't work for us. If the binder falls the pages scatter or somehow the pages get out of order. Don't ask me how that happens but it does.

Bottom line, my brain is just wired weird and putting the books in binders just doesn't work for me. Now, that's not to say I won't 3-hole punch and put the pages in a binder sometime in the future because I'd like to try that out for you all and post some pictures but for now we'll use these wonderful journals spiral bound or is the correct word coil bound? Hmm, not sure. When I took the books to FedEx Office they wrote coil but I've always called it spiral.

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  1. Awww...now this is another way we think alike. I really love books that are coil bound.


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