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Homestead Heritage

Thursday Annette, Lance, some friends and I went to a place in Waco called Homestead Heritage. It's a little community of people that grow their own grains, raise grass fed beef, and although they don't live like it's a 100 years in the past they do keep to traditional methods of woodworking, weaving, and grinding their own grain.

My friend and I also picked up our oil order and we were able to meet an oily friend from Hopewell Essential Oils - formally Heritage Essential Oils, so that was fun.

I'm sorry to say I didn't take many pictures. In fact I only took one. I had to crop it so it only would show Annette and Lance.
 When we got there our first stop was the Cafe. We were hungry and ready for lunch!
Annette and I enjoyed a delicious grass-fed beef burger on a homemade wheat bun. All their bread is homemade, made with organic grains that were ground on the homestead. I could taste the difference, it was so good.

Lance had a cheeseburger as well but his tummy still hurt a bit from the 2 hour car ride. We saved the rest of his burger. My friend brought a cooler because she wanted to buy some meat.

Lance found some big acorns. Bigger than the what we've seen anyway. He was allowed to bring some home.
I purchased a wool oven mitt for $18.00. 2 small potholders made by a 7 year old girl (wish I would have saved the tags, they had the names and ages of the children on them). 1 lager homemade potholder and a little Winter Tree Finder book for the kids to use with their journals.
The the mitt and book were purchased at the Gift Barn and the potholders at the Fiber Crafts store.
The potter was really expensive. I know it's homemade and all but it was just out of my financial league. I know it's totally worth the price with the time and effort that the person put into making. I had found a beautiful mug but it was $28 so I had to leave it behind. 

There was a clearance rack though, yay! Everything on the rack was 50-75% off!!!
 I found these two beautiful pieces. A sugar bowl and creamer set. Well they weren't a set as in they were made to be sold together.
The creamer was originally $21 and the sugar bowl was $22, with the discount I got them both for $17! I was excited about that. We purchased these from the Pottery store.
At the Gristmill I purchased some goodies for us to make. Whole wheat biscuits, cookies, cornbread, and donut mixes.
We left our house at 9:15 A.M. arrived at Heritage Homestead about 11:30, left at closing time which was 6:00, got a flat at 6:15. Stranded in a parking lot for a good hour and didn't get home till midnight. What an adventure! It was good though, Annette, Lance, and I had a great time.

I was a little worried about Lance and how he can act up some but he did great. He loved the trees at Heritage. Perfect for climbing!


  1. Sounds like a fun day (well, except for the flat tire). Where were all the other kiddos?

    I like the sugar bowl and creamer. I'm the same way, I know when it's homemade the price is higher because of the workmanship, the time and detail the person has put into it, but financially it's hard to dish out the money so I'm glad you were able to get them at a discounted price. :)

    1. Exactly, I know the time, effort, and care they put into making the product.

  2. Oh such fun!! I buy Heritage Essential Oils ....well now Hopewell :) Beautiful pottery, too.


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