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Kwik Stix Review

Here at Homeschooling6 I was given the opportunity to review Kwix Stix: Solid Tempera Paint! I thought how fun, we get to play for this review.
Kwik Stix Review
Kwik Stix is a fun and neat way to get your kids painting but a bit more neatly =) There’s now paintbrushes involved, no need to have a cup of water handy either!

Kwik Stix can be taken to grandma’s house or used when the babysitter is watching the kiddos because the paint doesn’t get all over the place. Although with little ones you still need to be around and guide the child to stick to only using Kwik Stix on paper and not the table.
Painting is more fun when using Kwik Stix
Kwik Stix is tempera paint in solid form, pretty amazing, right? AND it dries in 90 seconds. When it dries it doesn’t smudge or feel like paint. It actually feels smooth.

The colors are vibrant too!
Kwik Stix
Kwik Stix works on poster board, cardboard, wood, canvas, or you can color a picture with it. That’s what we used Kwik Stix for.

My son completed the picture using pen then painted it using Kwik Stix.
Kwik Stix
The only thing I’d caution about is make sure that the caps are put on tightly. You need to hear the ‘snap’ otherwise the paints may dry out.
Kwik Stix
So, if you don’t hear the snap, then double check your Kwik Stix. I noticed a few times after Lance was done painting that the caps were not ‘snapped’ on all the way.
Kwik Stix
And I had some fun too!

These would make great stocking stuffers =)