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Lance and LEGOs

Lance latest hobby is LEGO toys or as we call them LEGOs. He loves to make all kinds of stories and scenes.

He'll spend hours putting the LEGO guys in place, taking a picture, moving the LEGO figures, taking a picture, etc.

Here's one of Lance's Lego scenes. 

Lance has made tons of scenes. These are just a few. If you were to see this on the camera he would fast forward it so it looks like batman is moving. I really need to get him into animation.

Are your kiddos into LEGOs?


  1. That is awesome! I'm going to show Eli because he would totally get into this.

    1. Lance has so much fun. He uses my other camera and uploads them to another computer so I don't have many of them :( When I saw this one on the camera I asked him to put it on my computer so I could share it with you all :)

  2. My girls are just starting to enjoy some legos. They have a few of the Lego Friends kits and have fun making scenes, too. ...maybe I need to hand them a camera to capture play by play. Great idea Lance!

    1. My niece has some Lego Friends and loves them. I would love to buy some girly Legos to add color and beauty to their scenes :)


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