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Master Books Review: Christian Heritage (Curriculum Pack)

I’m getting ready to start our new homeschool year in just a few weeks and one of the books we’ll be using is Christian Heritage (Curriculum Pack) by Master Books!

The Christian Heritage Curriculum Pack comes with For You They Signed a 342 page hardback book! This beautiful book includes the Declaration of Independence and Psalm 35 for you to read before even starting the study.

This course is recommended for grades 9th-12th. If using this for high school and your child completes all the student worksheets and quizzes you can give your student 1 credit for completing this 1 year history course.

For You They Signed is organized by states.
The book will encourage and inspire you and your family as you read about the 56 signers in detail. Included with each lesson is biographical sketches (beautifully done), you’ll read about their families, how they served their communities, how many signers of the Declaration of Independence were church leaders, business men, and/or state delegates. As you can see this book is much more than learning about what year they were born, died, who they married, and how many children they had, although all that is included as well!
Your child will start with New Hampshire and read about Josiah Bartlett, Mathew Thornton, and William Whipple. Right off for us (I’m sad to admit) these are signers that are unknown to us.
And end with Georgia reading about Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, and George Walton.

After each reading there are Questions for Discussion. For example after reading about John Adams there are 18 questions. I love the questions that are asked because they really make the reader think. Here are a few: “What was John Adams’ most outstanding character quality, according to Thomas Jefferson?”

Another question: “For what reasons did Adams commit himself to fight for independence?” and “Why did Adams feel justified by God to fight for liberty?”
Also included in this Curriculum Pack is a Parent Lesson Planner which I love because it schedules For You They Signed out for the whole year! It is scheduled as a four day week. The reading pages, worksheet, and quizzes are scheduled throughout the year for you. In the back of the Parent Lesson Planner is an Answer Key.

And to make your job as a mama teacher easier the Parent Lesson Planner (PLP) includes:
  • Grading Options for This Course
  • Introduction to the Christian Heritage course
  • The schedule has space for you or your child to check off what they’ve completed
What I really appreciate about Master Books is their generous copyright, you have permission to copy the student activity sheets from the PLP for your immediate family only.

How we will use Christian Heritage:

I’ve been looking through this course and am still pondering how to add it to our homeschooling days. It’s a wonderful course and I don’t want my kiddos to miss out on it.

What I might do is use it as a read aloud with my 5th, 7th, and 8th grade students. We will answer the questions together out loud but I will have them write a few answers in a notebook. I also plan to purchase the pdf version of the For You They Signed so I can print the sketches of the signers and the children can add them to their timeline book.

Also in their timeline book I’ll have them add some basic information like birth dates, where they lived, and such. And finally write a written narration. We may even stretch the lesson of each signer over a week. If I was using this with one of my high school children than I keep to the schedule to insure my child completes this in a year.

Bottom line: This is a wonderful course and I'm so thankful that Master Books has taken the guess work with scheduling it all out for me. I absolutely love that it's affordable and one can own the physical book and pdf version for a reasonable price. Makes it easy when you want to own the physical book to actually hold and thumb through and the pdf version to pass out certain pages or cut out parts of it for journaling and such!

And the copyright is great for those who have 6 kiddos (smile). 

I'd highly recommend this course to my fellow homeschoolers, family, and friends. You certainly don't have to homeschool to read For You They Signed. It makes a great character study for the whole family!


  1. This sounds like a great book! (And easy to use with the journals ;-))

    1. Yes it does! I'm still trying to figure how I'm going to fit it all in. Less time on the computer will be at the top of my list :) although it's hard when I am here writing, uploading pictures, photo cropping and such.

  2. Wow, this looks like an excellent series. Thanks for such an in-depth review. I'm always on the lookout for great homeschool resource to use in the future with my children.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway!
    Merry Christmas!


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