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My Baby Turned 11 Years Old

These were taken in August using my phone. I just uploaded all my pictures from my phone from August, September, October, and November so this week I might make it a picture-update week.
We took Lance out to dinner. Just him and us.
TGIF was the place (I believe).
Auntie Anne’s for dessert.
As tempting as it was I didn’t eat any of the pretzel.
My baby is growing up. It seems like yesterday he was five years old.
Our last stop was Starbucks for a coffee.
Lance is reading (aff) Stone Soup. One of his favorite books!
And a few more August pictures. We visited a friend who has a pool.
In September at Target. We missed the whole Star Wars thing that they had.
Sept. 17th he did his one and only page of history from Master Books. I plan to start this is January.
I plan to have a Mast Books Monday post. Hopefully next week will be my first post to share some of these neat books.
I’m still having Lance work through Dyslexia Games, so again, we are keeping things like writing, reading, and spelling low key.
On the 20th of Sept. I woke to this.
Lance curled up in his favorite blanket put together by Grandma June.
This is Grandma June. This picture was taken July 2014.
California trip 2014 012
She’s a sweet Lady. We love her so much. I remember when she was my age now and I was a teenager at church. She’s always been there. She’s a huge part of the women’s ministry. I remember her Easter cakes that were the shape of bunnies every year.
Okay, back to Lance pictures. I just love his feet.
I have so many pictures to go through, it’s not even funny. With that said, I’ll stop here.


  1. Happy Birthday Lance! I know I say it often, but they sure do grow up sooo fast.

    PS...this is an embedded comment.

    1. Yay, I get to reply to each comment now!!!


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