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We celebrated Thanksgiving a bit differently this year. I didn’t cook anything, not even a pumpkin pie! Yikes, but we had a fun and relaxing day.
We woke up late and didn’t get out the door until almost noon. We decided to eat at Cracker Barrel.
Here we are waiting an hour to be seated, but it was good. Just being with my hubby and kiddos, even out in the cold was a good thing.
My sweet Annette.
Hubby and the boys, Lance and Ethan.
Caleb, Josh, and Brent
All the boys.
I don’t know how Brent does it, wearing shorts in the cold! It was in the forties.
We had a good Thanksgiving rain. Thankfully by the time it was pouring down we were snug and warm inside enjoying a Thanksgiving meal.
We had all the fixings, turkey, mash potatoes, cranberries, stuffing, green beans, and sweet potatoes! The only thing I did not like was the sweet potatoes, they were too runny and tasted like they had pineapple. They were just weird tasting.
Later at home we had dessert.
I ate stuffing, biscuits, and had some Marie Calendar’s Lemon and Chocolate pies. The pies were on sale $4.99, normally over $8. I admit I’ve drooled over them many times at the grocery store, so I finally just bought them and enjoyed a piece or two!
Pumpkin pie and apple pie from Costco. I took a piece of the apple pie crust just to taste.
The photographer in me came out. I took some close-ups of the goodies.
We even had some ice cream. I didn’t eat any though.
This one was yummy!
Annette wanted in on the photography too!
Looks amazingly good. I didn’t have a slice of apple pie, just a bit of crust and it was good.
Annette’s close-up of the chocolate pie. She hasn’t been practicing her photography much because she’s been sewing and schooling and reading and she only has so many hours in a day, busy girl!
I had a sliver of some pumpkin pie. I’ve been doing horribly eating low-carb. After CHRISTmas I must get back to eating better. I’ve been doing okay, staying away from many gmo foods but I’ve not been eating super clean.
What I’ve been eating is non gmo chips! Yes, I found some non-gmo corn chips and potato chips. I have been loving some nachos using the organic non-gmo corn chips.
For a while I was eating organic non-gmo bread, about one slice a day. Of course I had some biscuits on Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel.
And here I am in the summer eating a Nothing Bunt Cake at my daughter's purity ceremony!
Here’s a picture of that bunt cake!
And wonder what my hubby looks like holding a baby, here he is.
He’s so good with babies. Always holding and helping and loving them.
I think this month I’ll finally get a few post from the past up that I’ve been meaning to. Non-school related. Like my daughter’s purity ceremony.


  1. ...newborn baby, family gatherings, giving thanks, Cracker Barrel (on my bucket list to visit one day--not in our state), pies and love!! A beautiful Thanksgiving and you deserved the bite(s) of sugar :)

    1. Those bites were yummy! =) Cracker Barrel is one of our favorite places to eat. I always splurge for the biscuits. I put lots of butter.

  2. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving Day with us! Looks like you all had a wonderful time...and those pies look delicious! Can you believe I didn't have any dessert on Thanksgiving? Bobby had to work so we had a late dinner at his mom's house (around 6pm) and by the time the food settled, I had to take Bobby to work.

    Can't wait to see Annette's purity pictures! I think that is such an awesome thing to do.

    Miss you all! Love, Reff

    1. Wow, no pie, pretty amazing!!! Glad you all had a great Thanksgiving as well.

  3. Sounds like a good Thanksgiving, though it was different for your family!

    I've homeschooled all six of my kids too and have three graduated, one graduating this year, and an 8th and 5th grader!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!