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The Thinking Tree Spotlight Review

The next journals to be featured on The Thinking Tree Thursday Spotlight are some Fun-Schooling Journals: Study 20 Interesting and Relevant Topics 365 Delight-Directed Learning Pages for Christian Families, whew, what a title!
Fun -Schooling Using The Thinking Tree
(This post may contain affiliate links)
How are these journals the same as some of the other ones:
  • You use books from the library or your home.
  • Complete between4-10 pages a day.
  • Similar pages like Dray a Meal Plan, Reading Time, Nature Study, Spelling Time, Film Study
  • As always the journals use the dyslexic font.
How they differ:
  • New activity pages
  • These journals are geared toward older students, therefore the copywork pages have more narrow lines (think college & wide ruled type lines).
Both journals are the same so basically you’ll have your child pick which cover he or she likes. Ethan chose the owl so Brent will use the one with the dragon fly on the cover.
Like the other journals your child will pick 4-8 books and it’s suggested that your child complete 4-10 pages a day.

What I have found in these two Fun-Schooling Journals is the child doesn’t use the chosen 4-8 books as much as you do with many of the other journals. It appears that within every ten pages is an activity page where the child will use one of their library books.
Fun-Schooling Journal
For instance the first ten pages of these journals has a Reading Time page where the child is to pick four books, read each book for fifteen minutes, then draw something from the book. Other than that they are completing activity pages that are fun (as always) but don’t require on of their library books.

The next ten pages has one library book related activity page which is the Spelling Time page. If you’re having your child complete only a few pages a day, then the pages that require the child to use their chosen books will be even less frequent.

This is not a negative thing at all! I think it gives your homeschool a lot of flexibility.

The pages don’t have to be used in order. If you would like your child to read what happened in history on this day in the past or what happened yesterday, or do a Learning About an Occupation page, it’s easy to skip around.

At the end of the year you will have a portfolio of what your child learned to look back on.

What’s taking the place of some of the familiar activity pages in many of the previous journals is some fun researching history, current events, and occupations. Research pages include:
  • History Time: here your child will write about something that happened in the past on today’s date. There is space for your child to illustrate or as we did paste a picture of the event on the page.
  • Yesterday’s News: Your child will write about an interesting thing that happened in the past.
  • Learning About an Occupation: These pages have a picture of a person doing a job on one page and the next page your child will fill out the activity page writing why the job is important, what would the world be like without this job, and so forth.
  • Online Math Time: this is similar to the Math Time pages except it has your child watch a tutorial and use the page to practice what the child has learned.
Fun-Schooling Journal
New Activity Pages are:
  • Meet the Classics – Copywork: your child will copy a paragraph from the classics
  • Animal Quiz (these pages are also found in the Charlotte Mason journal): This is a two page spread where your child will draw the animals habitat, food, and/or enemies on one page and complete a fun “What’s My Score” page, a fun way to test ones knowledge!
  • Story Time – What will happen next?: On this page there are two boxes. The first box on the top half of the page will have a picture, your child gets to draw what will happen next.
  • Bible Time: Another two page spread. The first page has a Bible illustration for your child to color. The next page is where your child will write about the familiar Bible story in their own words.
  • Draw the missing part: your child completes the picture
Fun-Schooling Journal
Familiar pages:
  • Nature Study
  • Spelling Time
  • Reading Time
  • Coloring Pages
  • Emotions and Moods
  • Thinking Time/Art & Logic pages
  • Draw a Meal Plan
  • Film Study
  • Copywork
  • Write a Bible verse, prayer list, and to-do list page
  • Font Writing Practice
Fun-Schooling Journal
How Ethan is using his Fun-Schooling Journal:
I am having Ethan complete 1-2 pages a day right now because he’s also using The Library Based Journal for Boys. We just started using this journal last week so we are still trying to figure out how to incorporate it in to our homeschool days.

Brent is also using this journal a few times a week. I love the way these journals teach history. I think it’s great how my boys will research from the past with finding something that happened on the same day as today.

The Thinking Tree did an amazing job (again) with making learning fun, the way it should be!

If you have Thinking Tree post that you would like to share, please add your link below in the comments section. I’d love to read about your Thinking Tree homeschool days!

Sarah is way too fast with creating new journals. I can’t keep up (a good thing) with one spotlight a week. I may have to add two a week during CHRISTmas time =D

Some new journals you can take a peek at (spotlights coming soon!):

The Math Genius book looks amazing as does the teen girls Quiet Time Devotional Journal, and the Bible Time for Kids looks fun! I can’t wait to get Ethan and Lance using their new devotional journal.


  1. I just got the Fun Schooling Journal for 6-8th grades for my daughter, Mikaela, to use next! She is ready to start it!! I may let her go ahead! She is also waiting to receive her Teen Girls journal! Great review. I love peeking into the journals. Here is a link to my review of the Library Based Curriculum Journal for Boys:

    1. Thank you!

      The Teen Girls Journal looks so gorgeous, I can't wait to have Annette start using it!