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The Thinking Tree Thursday Spotlight Review

This weeks spotlight is the DIY books. These are a fun way to get your child really learning and retaining the information they are reading.
DIY Books a Review by Homeschooling6

The Thinking Tree sent us Make Your Own Book of Useless Information to review. Once using it Annette and I decided we liked the way she learned using her DIY book and I ordered two more!

I purchased Make Your Own Book of Biology for my soon-to-be 9th grade son Caleb. He will use his regular textbook for his Biology course but instead of filling out the workbook portion he will use his DIY book.
DIY Books = Fun Schooling
I must admit when I first received the DIY Book of Useless Information my first thought was, it’s a blank book, what are we suppose to do with it?

Well, I’m not that creative so that was my first thought. My daughter on the other hand (who is a bit more creative than her mama) couldn’t wait to receive it. She had plans for that book and asked every-other-day, “When will my book be here?”

Currently she’s into forensic science! Nope, not as part of her studies but it’s something she wants to learn because it fascinates her.
DIY Books = Fun Schooling
So she checked out some books from the library, grabbed her DIY Book of Useless Information and got to work.
DIY Books = Fun Schooling
As she was completing her pages she noted that she’s learning more not only because she’s interested in what she’s reading but because she’s writing, drawing, and labeling. I thought, wow! This is great. I need to get more of my kiddos into learning this way (that’s why I bought the two science DIY books).
DIY Books = Fun Schooling
As Annette is filling up her Useless Information book she’s also going to start using DIY Scientific Discoveries book.
Fun Schooling
The inside of the books have space for your child to draw, write, and be inspired!
Neat Keepsake at the end of the year
You can also add photos and pictures and tape them in using double-sided tape. We haven’t done that yet, as I want my kids to draw things in their books but it’s another way to use them.

There are all kinds of fun DIY books from The Thinking Tree:

Click HERE and scroll down to see more of these amazing little treasures!

Here are a few pages from the creator of The Thinking Tree books.
DID Book 2
DIY Book
Just another way to Fun-School using The Thinking Tree!

And it just so happens that The Thinking Tree is having a contest!!! You can win two books! The contest runs from now to the 10th of December. You have to have a Facebook account to enter though.

To stay up-to-date with all the fun-schooling visit Sarah’s Facebook page and come back and visit my blog for more Thinking Tree Thursday Spotlight post!
Fun Schooling Spotlight
What Thinking Tree item would you like spotlighted here at Homeschooling6?


  1. We have the DIY animals, cooking and science discoveries books, but haven't really used them. This is motivation to use them!!

    My daughter will be using the Fun Schooling for 6,7,8th grade next, so I would be interested to see a review on that!

    Here is a link to my review of the Do It Yourself Homeschool Journal and Delight Directed Handbook:

    Love these Thursdays!

    1. I want to get the Cooking and Home Remedies DIY books for myself.

      I'm trying to decide if I want Ethan to use the Fun-Schooling Journal next or the Winter, decisions, decisions.

      Thank you for adding your link. I need to figure out how to make a button for a link up.

      Love your giveaways!

  2. Popcorn Joy page looks like fun! There sure are a lot of useful types of books.

  3. We found a really neat supplement to use with the Herbal Remedies one I will show you in our group! Thank you for all the time you put into these!