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Thursday Spotlight (The World's Most Beautiful Horse Akhal-Teke)

This weeks Thursday Spotlight review is a book written by Sarah Janisse Brown's seven year old daughter Laura Elisabeth Brown: aff The World's Most Beautiful Horse Akhal-Teke.
(This post may contain affiliate links)
Who doesn't like horses? I have always been fascinated with them. They are so beautiful. Laura made this little gem of a book for her grandmother Kathy Brown. What a sweet granddaughter!
The Thinking Tree
The book shows 21 gorgeous full color photos of these beautiful horses. Each page spread has a picture on one side and a little about the Akhal-Teke breed on the other. What makes this book unique is there is space to practice drawing the horses.
The Thinking Tree
I love how Laura left plenty of space for drawing. It's rare to find a book that one is encouraged to draw, write, and doodle in, especially a book as beautiful as this one.
The Thinking Tree
I'm going to have my kiddos use this book along with their journals after our CHRISTmas break. I think it's beautiful book.

You can even pair this book with Learn How to Draw Realistic Horses.
The Thinking Tree
A little bit about the author.
Laura is the 7th child of ten, born in Indiana.  She loves horses, dogs, animal documentaries, art, traveling, and playing. Laura is currently being unschooled, like all her brothers and sisters who unschool until age 9.  Most of all Laura loves to ride and draw horses. She is learning to read, and is always asking to see photos and read books about akhal-teke horses. She has always been interested in creating and publishing books and recently asked if she could publish her own book about her favorite type of horse.  So with the help of mom, shutterstock, and Wikipedia she published her first book.
I encourage you all to hop on over to Amazon and support this young entrepreneur.

More books from The Thinking Tree that you may be interested in.

(Sarah's latest journals for boys!)
Sarah and her mother teamed up and created some beautiful Bible study journals. Every Bible Time book purchased will help support Sarah's parents who are missionaries in the Ukraine.

(Reviews coming soon!)

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    1. Thank you! We had a lovely and relaxing CHRISTmas.

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