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We are so Blessed

Yesterday I was cleaning up some of my over crowded bookshelves. One have with Bibles that we use for school or Bible study when we want all of us using the same version.
It made me think of how extremely blessed we are to own so many. This one shelf holds 7 Bibles!
Another shelf full of memories. One of my favorite pictures of our wedding day is the one with Lupe and me leaving the church. Lupe’s friend took it so it’s the only one we have.
This picture was taken right before our move from California to Texas. It was taken at the Bard Mansion in Port Hueneme, anyone been there?

This shelf still needed a dusting!
A picture of my Sweets, Annette and I, a little angel Lupe gave me, and behind the picture of Lupe is a little Winnie the Pooh plaque that he gave me a few years back.
A shelf that still needs to be cleaned.
Now where do I put all the stuff that had cluttered my shelves, ack!
One day I turned my phone on and found this little note Lupe left. I thought it was so sweet! Of course I had to have it printed =)

On just these shelves I counted 11 Bibles.


  1. We are blessed! I was thinking that the other day, when I realized that we own around 12 Bibles! Some people only own a page or two of a Bible and have to hide it or be killed....Thank You God that we live in a country where we can own as many Bibles as we want!

    Also, great idea to print that love note from Lupe. :-) I'm sappy and corny, so I love those kind of things.

    1. I know we are amazingly blessed to have so many Bibles.

      Yes, I think we are a lot alike. I love those little notes. One time my hubby write I love Linda on his whiteboard at work, took a picture, and sent it to me. I was like, "Awe, so sweet!"

  2. We are so blessed and Bibles are truly special books to be treasured. Love the note from your husband :) And do I see a "Coffee & Quiet Journal" ??? Really sounds like a dose of good morning lovelies.

    1. Yes, it's Sarah's newest mommy time book =)


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