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10 Subject Portfolio Review

I was excited when the 12 Subject Portfolio came out a few weeks ago and was super excited when Sarah said she was making a 10 Subject Portfolio too. Well as soon as it went up for sale I bought one!
10 Subject Portfolio by The Thinking Tree - Review
This post may contain affiliate links.
Isn't it just gorgeous!!! I absolutely love the cover. What makes this one different from the 12 Subject Portfolio is there are illustrations in the 10 Subject Portfolio. Where the 12 Subject Portfolio has the child design his own illustrations.

The first page for each subject has your child write what books, supplies, and such they need and to write notes.

The 10 Subject Portfolio includes:
  1. Science
  2. History
  3. Geography
  4. Math
  5. Business
  6. Language Arts - also included in the LA pages are Copywork & Literature
  7. The Arts
  8. Social Studies
  9. Films
  10. Home Economics
Also included are Project pages.

Here are pages from the Home Economics pages
 Each subject has pages for the child to write what he is learning or draw and doodle about that subject.
Your child can also add pictures of himself, draw diagrams, and even take pictures of what he's learning (like workbook pages, sketches, crafts, LEGO creations, baked goods, or a meal he/she planned). You're encouraged to use some books with pictures so your child can copy them into his book.
History Pages
The 10 Subject Portfolio will last all year or years - depending on how many times a week or month you use it. For instance there are 38 history pages.  .
History Pages
Some of the 38 pages have illustrations but most of the pages have space for your child to document, draw, write, and add pictures of what he's learning.
The first half of the Math pages include fun illustrations on one side with graph paper.
The last half of the Math pages are all graph paper (my boys will be using Life of Fred math on these pages).

Language Arts pages:
Language Arts Pages
 There's space to Copy a Poem or Song, Grammar Tips, space for Creative Writing, and Things I Want to Remember. And pages for Vocabulary and Spelling Words.
Included in the Language Arts section is Literature & Copywork pages (shown above). One page has your child copy a paragraph and the other to Tell the Story with Words & Pictures.
 The Arts has lots of space for your child to write and draw what they are learning: Art, Music, Drama, Drawing, Dance, Photography, etc. etc. etc.
You can add pictures of your child's art or of him playing his instruments. Get creative when filling the portfolio pages!
 Social Studies - have your child document what he or she has been learning about Culture, Politices, Economics, Communities, Journalism, Entertainment, Media, Social Networking, World Records, and so much more.
Under Films and Tutorials you can document all kinds of learning things from YouTube to documentaries to movies that help your child understand history, science, and/or hobbies.

And that's a sampling from the 448 page 10 Subject Portfolio.
I purchased this portfolio for Ethan and hope to get one for Lance soon. I plan to have Ethan use a few pages a week. For instance with Grammar, maybe have him write a grammar rule he learned that week. He doesn't have to use the whole page. He may write a rule then another week write something else he learned about grammar on the same page.

Another page for the week might be in history. He can write a short summary and maybe add some pictures.

The book actually suggest the child use 2-5 pages a day. And because this is their portfolio encourage him to do his BEST work.

Here is how the author Sarah Janisse Brown plans to use it with her 9 and 11 year old daughters:

Use the 10 subject portfolio for their best work. The portfolio can last YEARS if you use the book once a week for something really special. This is the book that you use to collect documentation of your child's learning, reports, research, artwork, and projects. You should even photograph and print pictures of their projects to put in - for example if they build a city with legos, bake a birthday cake, or build a fort put the photos in the portfolio.

1 hour - Daily Topics with the 10 Subject Portfolio: Instead of the Homeschool Journal being the core, have them focus on one main subject each day, and work on just one page in the Portfolio before chores. For example: Have a Space Day (science), a "Current Events & News" or "Interesting People" (social studies), an Animal Day (zoology), a Money Day (math), and an Inventions Day (history). there is no need to require more than an hour of study and research at their age on this type of Unit Study. On each day they can draw pictures or color things about the Subject, watch videos, look at books on the main subject (DK and Usborne Books are great for keeping unmotivated kids focused, they are often at the library).

As you can see that the 10 Subject Portfolio journals can be used more ways then one way. Make it work for your homeschool.

The 10 Subject Portfolio can be used with Organized Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Delight Directed Learning, Eclectic Learning, Notebooking, Unit Studies, Traditional Learning, and of course Fun-Schooling! 
Which Portfolio is right for your? Originally Sarah created the 12 Subject Portfolio for older students like Jr. High to High School but it can be used for any grades 3+. It just doesn't have illustrations like the 10 Subject Portfolio.

My recommendations would be to use the 10 Subject Portfolio for 3rd-6th grade and the 12 Subject one for 7th-12.

With that said at our house my 5th and 7th grade boys will use the 10 Subject Portfolio and my 8th grade son will use the 12 Subject Portfolio. I might get another 12 Subject one for Caleb but I'm still thinking about it.

I purchased the 10 Subject Portfolio Journal but am adding a disclaimer because I  review products.


  1. Now this book and it seems easier to mesh with a bigger picture to work with other curricula packages. I will look into these :)

    1. I thought so too. I'm still pondering with how exactly I want to use them. I might take their best work from their schoolwork and pasty them in these with some subjects.

    2. I thought so too. I'm still pondering with how exactly I want to use them. I might take their best work from their schoolwork and pasty them in these with some subjects.