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A Beautiful Tree

It was a foggy morning around here. Annette wanted to get some pictures of the flag at the park but there was no breeze to make it look pretty. 

Instead she took a picture of a tree. They came out so nice. 
This one below reminds me of a tree I've seen in a movie. I don't remember the name of the movie but it was one of those fun ones where trees talk.
This picture looks like a tree that might be in a tree village movie. Maybe little people or cute critters live in it (fantasy world).

Close-up of the little secret house.

This one, even though it's the same tree, looks like it's upside down. Like someone is upside down. See the two legs going straight up!

Here is another tree.
This one was taken at the post office. I had to mail some packages today.

These too. It was about 9:45

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  1. Oh, it is such a beautiful tree! I love looking at trees. The rough bark and little crevices, and amazing covering of shade and colors against the sky.

    Glad you slowed to enjoy God's beautiful creation!