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Homeschooling Using The Thinking Tree

Today is our first day back-to-homeschool, again sorta, :)
The Thinking Tree
Brent completing another page in his timeline book. I had it spiral bound with the front and back cover laminated.
The Thinking Tree
Brent is adding another Signer in his timeline book. He's using For You They Signed from MasterBooks.
The Thinking Tree
Ethan is adding some science learning to his timeline. This page is not complete. He still needs to add the Time Period and journal  a bit.
Lance completing some copywork.
Completing Dyslexia Games. Boy, is he ever concentrating =)
My robe is one of his favorite "blankets". I think it's a comfort thing.
 I didn't get a picture (hopefully tomorrow) of Ethan completing his writing assignment. He started All Things Fun and Fascinating by IEW.

Lance completed CTC Math and Ethan, still needs to get his math done so I better get off the compter now :)

To see many of the Thinking Tree books click HERE.


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    1. Me too! There are so many ways to use it. When I first got it I wasn't too sure about it. Not anymore :)

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