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Just Catching Up

I'm a little bit behind with my pictures. These were taken in November!!! Sometimes after church we will have lunch at Costco.

Lupe and Josh. I love seeing the boys help out their dad.
Brent reaching for something in the cart.
Ethan passing through =)

My sweets. This was when his bear was first growing out. That winter beard of his. He has since shaved it off. It's gone!

Here's a picture of me at IHOP's with my Sweets. We were on our way home from an anniversary weekend together.
An easy Wednesday night dinner. 
Yes, I'm feeding my kiddos a Marie Calendar's Pot Pie, I know, I know but it's an AWANA night dinner.
Annette took this picture. We were probably looking at a funny video that came through my Facebook feed.


  1. Such amazing helpers for your Costco trip! ...and I'm giggling at the pot pies because we haven't had them in years and I bought them a few weeks ago for an easy meal and a change. They were a welcomed change :)

    1. My kids love the pot pies. They get so excited when I buy them for Wednesday dinners.


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