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More LEGOs and a Super Easy Meal :)

In case your wondering why The Thinking Tree Thursday Link-Up opened today on Tuesday, it's because we have family visiting from California!!! The kiddos and I are super excited. We might even go the the Alamo.

Because we'll be busy, busy, busy, I decided to post it now, sorry it's up so early.

The boys love their LEGO creations.

 This is years and years and years of collecting LEGOS.
 Every CHRISTmas I try to buy them one of the bigger sets.
 The kids save up for them as well.
 And here is a quick dinner. The kids love this. I couldn't find any non gmo corn on the day I made it but guess what?!?! The other day I was at Albertson's and I found some cans of corn that are gmo free. I had looked before and didn't see any so it must be a new item, yay!
This is super easy to make. Just cook some ground beef, add all the beans and such, salt to taste and let simmer. I use to add olives but some of my kids don't like it so I have some on the side. You can add sour cream and cheese too.

Sometimes instead of the Fire Roasted Tomatoes I'll add can of salsa. It depends on what I have on hand.

Why is there a container of Great Lakes Gelatin in the picture, because I add that to everything (when I remember). It's so good for you!

Sometimes I buy Fritos for the kids but most times I try to buy organic - non gmo chips. This is one meal that all the kiddos like, yup all 6! Another wahoo!


  1. How much of the gelatin do you use?

  2. I usually add about 1/4th cup. Just make sure you are putting the gelatin that doesn't gel up.

    1. But I make a big pot. It's really up to you how much you want to put. When I'm getting low I add less.

  3. We love Legos around here. We have literally tens of thousands.


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