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Praying Them Home

I want to share something that I was not allowed to before. In the past I wrote a little bit about Fight for Bella and on my Homeschooling6 Facebook page I've shared about the Verzosa family and many others. The reason being is this is happening in my own family to my cousin Jenn.

Jenn, is a beautiful person, inside and out. She is a loving mother. There was no reason for her children to be taken.

You can read a little bit about her story in the link below.

Jenn is a good mother. She's never served time, she doesn't drink, do drugs, or even smoke for that matter!

As I write this blog post - her beautiful 4 younger children are being adopted out! How can this happen?!?!?! Those 4 babies have a mama who wants them but yet they are allowing the children to be adopted. It's crazy!

Jenn hasn't seen her three middle children: her daughter age 3 and twin boys age 2 in months and missing them so much!

My cousin was never offered a case plan and was denied services.

Please keep Jenn in your prayers if you feel the Lord prompting you to pray. She loves her babies and at times I can imagine it being hard to just breathe and get through the day. Jenn loves the Lord and is trusting Him to see her through.

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